Balance Team AMA 10/04/2016 Answers

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Nice & Tidy.

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Seems to be in a solid state.


Ya, we’ve been talking about more in game progress rewards, reports after each dome and more expanded end of round stats. We feel a big part of the problem is not knowing how well you did in your role, if did well even though you still lost or having a good direction for personal improvement.


We think our baby boy is in a pretty solid state.


Yes, a draft system is planned with the update. We are even thinking of including perk systems during the process, we know how much of an impact they make.


Caira - I think Caira was in a pretty well balance state for a long time. But as mechanics changed and monsters got their (deserved) buffs Caira has fallen out of favor. She will be getting a buff next week.

Quantum Caira - I think number wise her kit is pretty well balance and her issues fall under usability issues. For example, the radius of her grenade fields are so small that they are hard to stay inside of (especially when also dodging the monster’s attacks).

Rogue Val - She is a little weak right now and we are trying to slowly bring her up each patch. We nerfed her too hard because she brought too much damage and healing.

Wasteland Maggie - We just gave her pretty sizable buffs with the most recent patch so we are unsure of where she stands currently. She definitely didn’t bring enough to warrant picking her before the patch.


While I wouldn’t say it is stagnant, I do think there are things we can do to spice of the meta. The recent dome timer change should open up possibility for the monsters, we’ll be putting out a new map soon, The dam, we will continue to adjust characters that have weak performances, add new features like Monster passives, refactor Monster kits and add new characters. We are currently looking into the feeding route and buff spawning issue you’ve mentioned, expect some adjustments in the next couple weeks.


Yes, we’ve been talking about that doing just that recently.


Since you went on about it more in the post I’ll focus on this. For me getting a pick system into ranked would be an ideal way of solving the feeling of picking into bad match-up or the feeling you’re going to auto lose. Personally I feel in MM I can take anything I’ve played a lot and still do well (EMET is my boy) but I do agree getting a system in place that isn’t blind picks would make things way more fun for the general matchmaking experience.

Personally I feel just giving things some time before jumping to conclusions would be a big help. A lot of the times we’ll get all types of feedback from all different types of players that make things difficult to pinpoint where the issue is, but in reality that will always be the case.

Just playing the game and the content we create is the best way for the community to help us.

This is something we’ve wanted to build and even spent time working on when we get time. As of late a lot of things have been thrown our way so this gets put on the backburner but ideally we’d want to create something that will automatically update whenever we change anything in the game number wise so everyone can have the most up to date information on every character.

We’re working on a system with the UI team right now that will show stat gains on the character select when perks are selected to give a better idea that your character is gaining power in some way with each perk.


This is a common thing in competitive games. With that said, we’ve been working on Bob to help counter it, specifically his passive, which we still need to tweak. Our thought process with Living Fortress is high tier folks will output a far higher and more consistent damage threshold, so by having his passive specifically target that aspect of the problem, we should be able to inch Bob into a competitive spot without affecting low tier as much.


I can talk to the team about it! Personally I enjoy going over to them and tapping but I did play Starcraft/LoL/Dota for a long time so clicking like that is just 2nd nature to me.


Most of the Medics are a little under and will be getting buffs in the coming week or so. Paladin Parnell seems to be in a fine state but I believe Slim is too strong and will need to be nerfed. I also think that the venomous claws line up is one of the reason that medics are generally having a hard time. There is too much guaranteed damage being dealt to hunters and the healing can’t keep up with it.

Wraith will not be getting any extra durability or mobility with the changes we have done to her. Supernova will have the damage to warrant choosing the ability and decoy will get a bit of utility and better responsiveness. Her passive will allow her to play more like a stalker assassin.

Part of the reason Behemoth can’t play against Slim is that Slim is still too strong in his current state and that Behemoth is still a bit under where he needs to be. Once they get their needed balance Behemoth should be fine to play in most situations.

Can’t really comment on too much of the matchmaking system but we would like to add a pick and ban to ranked at some point.


It’s definitely a difficult problem, I feel like players wouldn’t like a heavy handed approach to balancing out that kind of design. An example would be the response to the fast dropship, which was to target the increased stage 1 power and stop monster players from wiping teams early. It look players quite a long time to get used to it and it still can be a bit of a surprise. I honestly think the biggest adjustment we can make comes with the matchmaking update, we can better ensure players of equal skill, we can get rid of the blind pick problem and do things like take perks into consideration when matching.


1- Sneak pounce for me has always been a really frustrating mechanic in Evolve. Getting “Hoover Vac’d” as a Hunter when you though you were out of range of pounce just wasn’t something the balance team was a fan of. I know a lot of high level Monster players used this to control Hunters, but we felt it needed to be stepped down a bit.

2- We’ve talked about going through the buff system again. We had our initial ideas and goals with the new buff system which I feel it hits, but now it’s about molding it to what the community feedback. Stuff like the Megamouth buff and Reaver are two I think we’ll be looking at in the future.


No way! :grin:


Not in the immediate future, we are investing in other avenues!


I agree with him that the amount of reliable damage is too high. Most of this comes down to the venomous claws line up combined with largely unavoidable damage of charge, flame breath, and melees. The flame breath buff may have been too much but I think 40 dps on both claw perks is too much to compete with.


Living Armor was designed to counter Assault damage similar to what Parnell outputs. Behemoth is a huge target and generally Parnell is going to land every single pellet/rocket when fighting against Bob. We wanted the passive to give him some time to actually use his abilities and attack the team since before he would just get melted against specific Assaults and Hunters.


We have big adjustments coming for her. But she’s a tricky one, most of her kit lends to destroying players who don’t dodge and getting completely countered by players who do. Most of our changes are adjusting to that fact. For instances, we are limited the amount of hits Supernova can trigger, but uping the damage now that we can limit it.

No, info on that now.