Balance Team AMA 10/04/2016 Answers

Having one player perform at a high level compared to four Hunters is always going to prove some difficulty when it comes to balance. I don’t think we’ll ever escape that just due to Evolve being a 4v1 game. We have our systems in place to help people, but I think it’s always going to be an uphill battle.

For me it’s hard to pinpoint it to any one thing we can change to give a fix across all levels. Matchmaking is easy for us to ensure solid matches but if it comes down to player skill at the end of the day the better team/player should always win. That is simply just the design of a competitive game.

For the future it’s something we’ll keep thinking about, keep watching and keep trying new things. I think there won’t be a change that hits all of our issues but we’ll continue to making the experience better for all players. Just takes time :slight_smile:


Yeah that was the design Brandon wanted for Battle Cabot. This will also carry over to the other orbital-based weapons in the game soon.


A lot of our hotly debated balance team topics are managing fairness between monster and hunter. Something we think is super fun on the Hunter side will make Guidance super pissed and vice versa. Slogging through that mess is what we spend most of our cycles on.

We favor T hank and Cabot a lot. Our medic and support players use a more wide range of tools and it’s also our jobs to adapt quicker. For instance with the new dome timer mechanic, it only took us a couple games to start to counter the re-engage Guidance was putting on us. Guidance is actually pretty decent at Bob, so we aren’t fully sure that the competitive scene has the right Monster player for him to shine.


I think that she is a viable monster but has a few frustrations both playing as and against her. Playing as Gorgon the traversal can feel a bit unresponsive at times and we are working on fixing that. Acid Spit has a large inconsistency with the damage it deals due to the mechanics of the ability, which we will have a fix for soon.

Playing against Gorgon, there isn’t much counter play into her kit. Other than spider trap, which is unreliable at best, Mimic, Acid Spit, and Web Snare are all used point blank as shotgun abilities to make them nearly unavoidable.


His art is done, but he isn’t on the design radar. We have ideas for kit and timeline era. No eta.

We’ll see about the damage thing. He is definitely a skill based character, may take time to see full potential. On the click to fire issue, we can fix that.

Depends on the character, ideally they would be perfectly balanced at launch. But that’s pretty much impossible with how many different comps and perks we have. Usually, we get it to a good fun place and release it to see what the community does with it.

It’s not off the table for sure.


Aftershock will be replaced with a ranged ability, similar to a lava bomb AOE but it’ll give some other effects alongside damage and such. We have designs but we need to play them once we shift focus to Kraken after Wraith is done.

Banshee mines will remain as a deployable but will trigger once a Hunter is in range and will explode once they reach the zone the Hunter was last standing. We have some other ideas but that is the general idea for right now, which could change once we get into testing.


I don’t think we’ll venture too far away from the defense matrix with the assault class. Personally I feel I have a good mix of Assault styles when it comes to how I’m going to deal my damage. RAbe fits the need for poke and consistent damage, Torvald hits the burst and so on.

For me the big areas to push Assaults apart is with their actual gear, not the class ability. It’s something you need to succeed as an Assault in my eyes.

My Mom raised me with good Olive eating habits. I used to put them on my fingers and eat them while my parents cooked.


We want to create new content, it’s just more about having the time and resources for it.

The Monsters we want to create would be pretty damn fun.


This one is a delicate balance and I am not sure that it needs to be sped up. Recently we had the pull up on harpoons and kraken couldn’t get away.

No, why would you think that?

There are some funky interactions with Gorgon like you mentioned, but I actually think that is on gorgons side. Having a traversal fail instead of interupt would mean you wouldn’t easily see why you can’t move, your traversal would just disapiate. How would that work with Monsters that are already mid traversal?

I don’t know, I’ll have to check. I am leaning towards it not being an easy change.


I’d refer to the latest community letter for a clear answer but it’s about seeing how things go after we introduced Gold Keys from here on out.


Leaves room to improvement for sure. We are working on a different matchmaking solution.

We’ve talked about it and we have some designs, new characters take significantly more resources than the variants.

On the topic of fur, no :slight_smile:


If we were to rework the ranked matchmaking system I feel we’d move away from Glicko. I prefer ELO/MMR based stuff and most of the balance team does as well.


Emet - I’m looking into increasing the buoy’s durability and possibly their range. Respawn beacon isn’t high on the priority list to change.

Lazarus - I can look into changing it so shields don’t show up on cloaked targets and the incap healing next patch.

Quantum - We will likely be increasing the radius of the fields next patch. It’s extremely unlikely damage grenades will stick to monsters. Her identity is about creating the zones in specific areas.

Caira - She may be getting that extra grenade everyone has been asking for next patch.



Yeah we’re actually looking at both those perks in a future update :slight_smile:


Being able to cancel abilities like that makes a whole lot of sense to us, but it’s about how the system would interact with the new feature.

Each ability has it’s own little quirks so it won’t be something we can simply turn on but I think starting with flame breath would be pretty nice QoL for Goliath.


Currently no, it’ll take time away from development of other features. Maybe in the future though.

We are slowly trying to less the impact of hard counter, but it’s a slow process.

Potentially, We’ll keep an eye on him and see if he gets too weak. We feel like his main advantage is actually after dome chip and not denying armor regen.

We are going to try the slow timer instead and yes, Dots should no longer affect the dome timer.

We have adjustments coming to it, mainly in the speed that you regen JP with agility.

The net decrease is intended, we want monsters to use the perks to promote a certain play-style. The gold perk issue should be fixed this patch.

No, we feel that Abe is a good general counter to most monster and thats ok. The true enemy of Goliath is pillar kiting and we are slowly removing them.

Spoilers!? They deal with healing.


Slim is too strong by himself and becomes nearly immortal with either Hank or Sunny. Paladin Parnell has a similar issue of being immortal when paired with Hank or Sunny. The difference is that it is significantly easier to kill the support when Paladin is in the game compared to Slim.

We plan to make the perks reduce jetpack recharge rate in the next patch.


Over the past week…

Torvald has a 43% winrate in Hunt Beta.
Torvald has an overall 47.3% winrate in Arcade.


It’s more about when we get the greenlight to start full development on consoles. We’ve talked about it in the community letter but it depends a lot on how things go with Gold Keys.

We’ve talked about how we’d approach Gorgon again if we got to her rework. We think she has some great tools it’s just more about adding onto them to make sure they work in the current iteration of Evolve.

Her final changes and tuning will be coming in the next few weeks. We have a complete refactor coming Wraith’s way.

I think we’ll spend time looking at the drone and Sunny’s kit once we move towards the eventual splitting of her gear. Personally not a fan of how loaded her kit is.

Yeah we feel it has a solid place in any Hunter team right now. We’re big fans of Cabot and always have been. It is the DTR way.

We just buffed the damage on his turrets, give them a try and let us know what you think!

I think @LordDeath has already gone over some medic details in the answer thread. Check out some of his stuff and you should find the answers you’re looking for.

Dune Beetles are only on desert biomes, so right now they’re only found on Wraith Trap.

Tyrants will return at some point. AI has just had other priorities.


Erm, I am not a lawyer… But I think so? THINK… @Goldie Can you answer this one?

Guidance runs, Hunger, Claws, Grounder

Yes, possibly even in the next update. We are going to add additional properties to them.

Umm, we just wanted to try things we hadn’t done. We liked the idea of a pure skill shot Hunter, so we brainstormed on how to implement that. We ditched the damage amp, because a lot of our ideas fell to closely into other hunters realms. The projected shield launches out on button press, if it hits anything or if you hit the button again it will detonate as if you were at the point of contact. It’s 30m

Size and speed

If you stand and not move in decoy or supernova the total damage potential was huge before we toned it down (Decoy was like 1000 damage and supernova was like 1000+), Wraith feels weak at high tier now because those players get out of the threat range very quickly. We realized that it was a mechanical problem and we couldn’t balance it for both sides by number increases alone, so limiting the total damage potential, but increasing the burst, should lessen the contrast between tiers.