Balance patch incoming


No specifics other that it will cause controversy, probably forum whining. Any ideas or desires? I hope Goliath and Kraken are buffed and Wraith nerfed except now everyone usually seems to take down the wraith easy enough.


Kraken and Goliath do not need a buff, imo.


yeah they dont need a buff atall


Controversial because Wraith won’t get nerfed and ppl will QQ :stuck_out_tongue: Could also be resetting leaderboards as well :smiley:


Wraith is obviously eating the nerfbat

I bet on hyde/bucket buff, and maybe a Kraken traversal buff


I agree with the Kraken traversal buff. Just putting it out there. Feel like he’s pretty well balanced, but the game would be more fun if he could glide a bit faster (he misses out on the sheer insane speed you get out of a Goliath super jump from the top of a cliff)


i like how he dug up quotes from the forum. true journalism unlike other media outlets who wait for tipsters or copy other news articles.


best source ever… is this how journalism works?


Someones’s a forum member. But on topic I think Wraith may not be getting a nerf because I remember seeing Macman discussing getting rid of the dome click and trapper dome dialogue.


I really hope not because out of all the suggestions this is by far one of the stupidest ones.


Explain to me why bucket needs a nerf? Hyde maybe but Bucket.


Hope not, that would suck to get rid of the dome :confused:


Not get rid of, but the sound of the dome being engaged.


Only the sound, not the dome itself. The idea is that you can throw the dome in a more stealthy way (would be mainly a nerf to wraith dashing out upon hearing the sound)


That would be a dumb thing to do but I’d just equip either the longer smell perk or extra stamina to deal with that :smile:


Tracking dart nerf plz


He’s saying bucket needs a buff. At least using his uav needs a buff


I cant find the post right now but basically he said that experienced monsters can just GTFO when they hear the dome click without knowing where the trapper is so he said this might happen and he’ll be looking at the telemetry afterward.


Thats the only way abe can track though


Against terrible teams, sure. However this isn’t an issue with organized groups. I think there are other ways to handle Wraith that don’t include removing Audio queues that all 3 monsters use.