Balance Patch - Estimated 7/26

It barely works on Weather Control assuming you’re not 100% stupid over where you’re throwing the dome and are aware it can happen, I think it has a similar potential on distillery (top caves at the back). The other two maps have significantly shorter routes to the relay meaning less time differential between the monster and hunters.

But again, in either case you can still dome and put pressure on, you just need to position right so that you aren’t doming so far away from the relay on the map that you can’t keep up in the foot-race should they evolve in-dome or you are catching them post-dome. All of this is also quite aside from the pre-emptive tactic of trying to dome the monster BEFORE they enter the cave systems to finalise their stage 3 evolve.

They overnerf Sunny just because some Monster ignore the drone. I am a MG main, for sure Sunny is a pain in the ass but when the location is good I can manage that the shield drone never is up, this is a hard nerf for Sunny here!

Just why… :frowning: - Underperfoming, lol

Good change

Good change but Gorgon is already very fast…

Holy what a damage nerf on assaults


I have no idea how the devs came to that result. In the real world you often lose with cabot :open_mouth: - At least this is my experience.

Bye bye Sunny, honestly, please play against Elder Kraken/MG. The drone is already never up!

I have now over 2000h playtime in your game, Monsters are already very strong.
If we barely can manage at the moment high skilled monsters who can? New players? No!
Just the awesome competitive rest, the 5% playerbase. Wow, you balanced this game around the 5% players!

Good thing is, that I am now a main Monster player since I know the balance attitude of TRS.

As long as monsters exist where you just can punch your face on the keyboard but win nevertheless there is something wrong with balance. I look at you Elder Kraken!

Nerf the damage of the hunters but not their survivability :wink:
Then Monsters can stay longer in the fight.

When I Play MG I know that I have to deal a strike in the next seconds when I am cought.
The only thing when I would complain as monster is that high skilled hunters have a high damage potential/output.

Its not that the healing bothers me.
Its not that the shield bothers me.
Its not that harpoons/stasis bothers me.

Just the high damage output bothers me and only against high skilled hunters (from. Silver Elite/Dest. to Gold).

IMO they should reduce chain lightning’s ability to destroy deployables by either outright preventing it from chaining to them, or by reducing the range at which it gets chained to them.

Cabot has a high winrate with skilled teams yo.

At least we are bad with a cabot in the team. I just can speak for my experience.
The monster goes for the medic. The medic dies. GG Monster.

Good idea…

Yeah, I am actually feeling the same. One of the biggest differences between normal and really good hunter teams is that they do enough damage to trait for strikes. Even excellent teams can’t prevent strikes. But they will kill you before you wipe the full hunter team.

  • They are usually fighting/dodging on open space so every hunter with a weapon has always LOS to the monster. Normal hunters run away, go behind obstacles or get separated
  • They have better aiming
  • They have better multitasking / weapon efficiency. No one is ever doing nothing. Even the focused hunters are shooting sometimes
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You don’t have to agree or like every change made, but a little respect in your posts wouldn’t go amiss.

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I will change that line which sounds in english rude or not respectful. Please tell me which statement is not okay, I will change it.

Please keep in mind english is not my native lagnuage, sometimes it may sound not respectful. But this was not my intention.

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Thats it! 100% agree.

Can we talk about the specific winrates of each monster?

Wraith and normal kraken seem to be incredibly hard to deal with… So more buffs to kraken and monster perks are quite scary…

Btw, does your telemetry take into account the amount of games played with an specific monster or hunter?
It’s also important in terms of balance to ensure that mains of an specific character don’t get ridiculously high winrates, just because of the initial skill cap…

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Yes, we kinda miss detailed telemetry stats like you posted a year ago @GentlemanSquirl

It was @MacMan i think.

Then good news, a cooldown nerf for placing it will make no difference whatsoever.

Can you please make this apply to Daisy? It’s annoying as hell to get one down and find you can’t escape because it’s just a dog with a goddamn rocket launcher and a medical degree.

I believe one of those lines was supposed to be a change in Brawler’s damage reduction? (instead of double fast climber’s climb speed line). Not sure though.

Are those the base values for the un-upgraded perks or when fully upgraded? Because I currently see 14% traversal regen for the fully maxed perk.

@GentlemanSquirl (thanks in advance)

However, Sunny’s nerf wasn’t necessary, against an elder kraken and other monsters that do AOE attacks with high radius they can easily take down her drone, 6 secons of recharge is way too much, and it’s not justified, imho. Even in old Evolve she was nerfed dozens of times, leave her in peace already

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Yes thats what I said :ok_hand: - I really dont know why TRS like to nerf some hunters into the ground…

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Sunny doesn’t need a CD on the drone, she needs a deploy time. Something like Griffin with his sound spikes. That way, if Sunny is being focused then she can’t drop the drone. You could buff the drone’s health and recharge rate if you did this in order to make it actually useful. Right now, it takes so long to charge up and can be killed in one monster ability it’s next to useless in its current state and will be even more so with these changes.


Because they’re over-performing across the wider spectrum of players.


Kelder is hit or miss.

If you dont get a few strikes on the hunters on the first dome engagement. You are screwed. Because kelder is the least mobile monster (from what i have seen and played anyway).

You either knock them down and put the fear of god on them or they will easily chase you the whole map and completely screw you over.

I love kelder though. I love all his abilities.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting such a strongly monster favored patch! I like most of it, especially the laz buff (he really needed it).

I don’t know about the Kraken banshee mine speed buff, I thought it was pretty swift as is. Good patch, can’t wait!