Balance Patch - Estimated 7/26

No replays in the foreseeable future.

The ranked wait times are due to pop, need to wait for people to get comfortable the game and hit level 20.

No. Cabot is a challenging to play, he requires both the Support player and support players team to coordinate to play correctly.

On average he is 7% higher than the average win rate of other supports.

Let me show you guys examples. These stats are from last week,

Games filtered to view Hunter teams of all Solo, this is where we tend to see the lowest winrates, mainly we think due to less coordination between players. Out of 35k games, Cabot is slightly over with 51.5%, so not bad, nothing to worry about here. Just means he has some wiggle room.


Now out of the same pool, let’s filter by full Pre-mades, out of 10k games, 67.3% winrate. Ouch.


Now you say, but I don’t play with a full pre-made, how about a party of 3 with 1 solo,


How about a party of 2 with 2 solos.


So we don’t just use this data, we also play a ton, watch streams and talk to as many ranges of skill as we can. Anytime, we change something we usually have 2 or 3 sources to back it up.

@LordDeath Was talking about making adjustments for the patch after this next one.

Ya, basically some monsters had a traversal regen cooldown after they used a traversal. So if Wraith teleported, her regen wouldn’t start for a short time after. It making the after dome chase, real swingy for those monsters.

I don’t think she will be, but if she dips too low after this change, we will buff her. That’s the good thing about weekly patches!

Sunny has the same problem that Cabot does, once people start working together, this happens…

Sunny in full groups out of 25k games this week.


Monsters that get the dome held on them.


The unannounced functions are out already.

Most these changes hit areas we didn’t touch last patch and on Hunters we wanted to tune over time.

That’s not exactly what we are doing, in the last week out of 2 million games played, we are close to a 50/50, but even when Hunters start getting a small whiff of getting good, those winrates tilt heavily towards hunters and I don’t mean esports level, I mean just solid players.

General population out of 2 million games.


Something I want you guys to keep in mind, we will be pushing out mainly features relating to bridging skill gap and removing toxicity aimed at low to mid tiers. So things like the autodropship(Hunter teams less likely to get wiped at stage 1) next week, the DR anti spawn camping, Decoy redo, new tutorials, our Solo matchmaking values(This one is huge on winrates)… etc, while the noodley stat nudges will be aimed towards balancing the game for teams that work well together.

One thing to mention for the casual folks we have in our midst, we are going to start working on a Co-op feature that has a lot of fun ideas in it. It should give you guys a place to come have fun and not worry about stress PVP modes.

We aren’t going into specifics, while we test it out. So far it’s working though.

Lol, 4 out of the 5 balance members are Hunter mains.


Yes! Beautiful! Lovely! Hugs!

Not exactly, because the balance at high skill also requires an in depth understanding of all related mechanics. These are skills that a low level base or casual base do not have and are often in these situations alienated from being ABLE to learn.

For example, people learned to use initial Griffin. Over time you’ve adapted to multitudes of minor nerfs to hours harpoon. Reload, distance, break, etc.
Now, new players have to somehow, learn what you adapted to over months. 90% won’t take the time to learn something over months when it takes an advanced level of skill to see any benefit. As such, they will never experience the balance.

Edit: 90% was a bit hyperbolic but intentionally so in order to draw valid stress to the amount of people who won’t experience.

Rather than only reaching balance at god-tier, true balance imo should be stated at the lowest levels, and high level should simply ENRICH the game play experience.

To be fair, I know that’s not in the southeast bit as trivial a task as I made it sound. Again, exaggeration to emphasize what I feel is a valid point

The ability to learn has nothing to do with balance. The game still allowes you to use every mechanic. Which i made pretty clear in my race track example. It does not matter how much you trained or how fit you are. You have the same prerequisites as everyone else rulewise.

You are confusing two different things: Balance and accessibility.

Accessibility is pretty damn bad in Evolve, there you are totaly right. THis is the part the devs should put their most work in.

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You balance the game, not the players. The game does not ‘understand’ anything.

If a character is too weak to win, it is unbalanced. If a player playing that character is too weak to win, the player is simply not good enough.

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So we are, we are revamping the base 2 tutorials, releasing a new advanced tutorial for both monster and hunter, targeting putting critical information in the users path(We have little info graphs that will come up when you are in the drop ship and VO that describes what you should be doing) and a bunch more stuff like that.


By that train of thought, the entire idea of rank is stupid. You should play against top tier players, and when you die you should stfu and just “git gud”. I’m pretty sure that’s never worked for a game before…

Ability is hand in hand to balance. Otherwise they wouldn’t give a shit about the telemetry involving ship levels

Not sure what your matrix may show but that’s a major blow to hunter players such as myself. It already seems like it’s already in favor for a monster victory in stages 2 and 3. Out of all the games I have played lately unless we forced a monster arena in stage 1 we where toast.

Interactive tutorial? Trainingscourses? Like, you have to run specific routes in a certain amount of time and dodge trainings. This would be helpfull… Minichallenges to steer people in the right direction. Please don´t make any more mandatory videos :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but do you read what we wrote and comprehend it or are you just reading what you don´t want to hear?

Accessibility is NOT part of balance.

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Accessibility is absolutely a part of balance. You’re looking at balance worth extreme tunnel vision, assuming a game’s balance refers to nothing more than interactive mechanics and stats

They are gameplay experiences with tailored AI, so people can learn and VO from Abe and Caira to help explain wut da heck is going on.


Now I want a mode where there are 5-10 Goliaths/Meteor Goliaths on a cliff across a chasm and you have to ‘dodge’ rocks for 2 minutes :smiley: Bonus points for people laughing over the comms when you get hit :smiley:


If your objective is to get good at the game and truly test yourself, yes, this is exactly what you should do. This is why pro teams scrim against each other when they really want to practice, and viewers of pro players like to play with them even though they can’t match them.

But, if you’re just playing for fun, it is typically more fun to play against people at your own skill level, so both sides have a chance of winning. It’s nothing to do with balance though.

No i am not. Tell me, what is more balanced: Checkers or Go?

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The end result of effective balance is accessibility at many levels. I.e.

(Balance) + (more balance) = wide accessibility.

If it does NOT equal wide accessibility, then what you have is not (balance) + (more balance)

so… guilty gear is not balanced? who knew.

Sorry, I’ll have to get back to you on desktop where I can show you a few graphs and so on that help illustrate this point I’m getting at.

It will probably not, but i am open for discussion :slight_smile:

Will there be some romance? Like a little giggle from Caira? ^^

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