[Balance] Monsters in this game are NOT killable


I was thinking about this lately, and I had no choice but to arrive at the conclusion that it is impossible to kill a monster in this game.


Think of it this way:

Imagine a bullet fired from point 0 (above) towards 1 (the monster).

Before it can reach 1, it must reach a point that is half way in between 0 and 1, which is 0.5.

However, once 0.5 is reached, it must travel to a place between 0.5 and 1, which is 0.75.

Then, once 0.75 is reached, it must travel to a place between 0.75 and 1, which is 0.875 and so on.

The problem being, it will take an infinite number of divisions between 0 and 1 if this reasoning continues, which makes it impossible for a bullet to reach 1 in the first place!

(Reason: the bullet will always need to travel between a 0.99999999999… and 1, and as we know, 0.999999999… is not 1)

This means that no bullet can ever travel from a pistol’s barrel to a monster to injure it, which makes them impossible to kill.

Suggested balance mechanism:

Reduce the distance between monsters and gunshots to 0.5 the normal amount, so that monsters can be killed, since it has been shown above that 0.5 can be reached as the midpoint between 0 and 1.


Lasers, bombs, missiles and Gauss projectiles say hi.


We need to report this bug to @Macman

Apparently, all projectiles that have a finite speed, which includes lasers which travel at light speed, cannot harm the monster.


Ah, good old Zeno’s paradox.


All hail hitscan.
The described Problem is only present for Bucket.


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Yes. Well played indeed.


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This one never had much appeal for me, be it as a bullet catching a monster or Achilles catching a Tortoise, as it’s inherently flawed mathematically speaking.


Embarassing… How could they miss that basic thing during testing !!!


What makes you think the testers were working for them?

More likely the testers were paying TRS to test their game.


Haven’t you ever thought why - when hunters shoot you - your armor & health stay untouched ? think about it before you post stupid questions on forum… :point_up: :rage:


What in the hell


So this thread essentially says that Monsters cannot be killed?


But what if monster was not kill?


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1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + … = 1
Bullets can hit monster.
Therefore, monster can die.