Balance in your game is COMPLETELY BROKEN


I’m throwing this into BUGS section because how balance is handled in this game is simply game breaking. Let me start with MONSTER side.

Sidenote: I wasn’t playing with just some randoms, for most of the time I am played with friends in full squads where each of us took roles we prefered taking characters we like.

From my 7.5hs of playing all on HUNTERS side (check my Steam Account, Kasarian, Poland 7.5h) with exception of a SINGLE GAME where i was the monster I can say that Monsters are Broken as hell. I’ll go by points.

— Armor - the armor regen is too fast, an experienced player can regenerate armor (with proper perks) just before the hunters catch up to him be it start of the game or later on, in worse scenario he can even do in WHILE IN THE FRIKIN DOME! (and not just 1-2 bars but ENTIRE ARMOR JUST A 30 SECONDS AFTER STRIPPING IT!)

—Skill points - has any, ANY of the people responsible for balance played ANY RPG or maybe even MOBA games? I bring this up that because those games are putting a lot of weight on character progression, to be exact in their strenght. If the character is TOO strong in the beggining he will just snowball the entire game without much effort (be it campaign in RPG game or lane in MOBA), in this case monster can max out a single skill and spam it until hunters die even on level 1 when it comes to dash type or just use them to outpace the hunters for the entirety of the game.

—Unbalanced Evolving - monsters are too strong on 1st level, especially the non-starter ones. The only balanced (more or less) I had were against the starter beast, games against Gorgon or Wraith I had were lost within 5 minutes, 5! damn minutes. So far i feel like those skills have too short cooldowns, especially dash/movements of any kind.

—Skills seriously obscuring vision for hunters - for most of the time, during heated battle Hunter is BLINDED by monster skills, it weren’t be much of a problem if you could run away so that you could take a better look at the battlefield.

Now I everything I find wrong while playing on the HUNTERS side:

—Jetpacks - they either don’t have enough charge or they charge WAY too long, especially when compared to mobility monster has at his disposal with both terrain and skill sets. Climbing during combat upwards is just complete and utter pointless tast as it is both slow, needs a lot of precious energy AND monster will be on you either faster up OR just behind you which gives little to no counterplay for hunters, especially.

—Environment - it simply favors monsters too much. Going upwards is slow, slow recharge, maps with damage in them (Oil refinery i think has that as an example) and generally way to many things that can both ensnare AND KILL the player. As a note I might add that some climbing areas are simply hard to traverse or impossible with monster on your tail.

Here’s what’s wrong in general:

—Dropship delays - if a team is COMPLETELY ANNIHILATED you DO NOT extend their spawn rate unless you want to say “you people are bad so lets end this”. Either drop in shouldn’t be affected how team/monster does or it should favor the loosing team not the other way around. In one game I was being destroyed (played as monster) but i did manage to kill the medic, thinking that it will buy me some time as I ran I saw hi respawn within second of the kill while in another my team of hunters despite trying really hard and succeding at the beggining, at the end we were torn apart and our timers on respawn were delayed… Logic.

—Unlocking/grind - with 6 characters per class with additional being just a spin-off of one existing this is unthinkable. Not only you have to grid tremendously, with current tempo i would have to play somewhere between 40-100 games to unlock 1 “high tier” character which is just silly. In a game like League of Legends it is working just because the roster of characters is HUGE compared to this game and there are more tiers than 3? in terms of currency needed.

— No stats - by that i mean no stats on characters. No health values, damage, durration of skill, no values on such things like slow or cooldown… Just a nice description of what character does with icons gives shit to no information.

—Lack of variety of gameplay - 5 or 6 maps with a single game mode, really?

----------------Balance changes

Maybe I’m a scrub but after all the games I played here is my opinion with what should be made for more balanced gameplay (there’s a lot):
—Add values to skills, weapons and characters so that decision making while picking character/monster/perks is based more than just a hunch or wiki memory
—Dome needs to automaticly scare off ANY fauna
—Variety - add deleted gamemodes and maps
—Make hunters cheaper and add more SKINS tat are only purchasable with premium currency (Overwatch does it, League has it, hell even DOTA)****

—Slow down Armor Gain
—DELETE perks for monsters or ADD more character progression for Hunters
Why: Monsters have 2 ways of “character progression” while hunters have just 1. This system would either make Monster Players think more about their Skill choosing or would make Hunters get more fixes for some of their shortcomings
—Give a CAP for monster skills at the beggining. 1st level monster should only have max 2 point in a single skill and for that matter not 4 points but just 3. With second evolution 4 and last 5. BUT ONLY IF:
-3 levels of skills is divided into 4 so the skill progression is slower between points and with that more balanced.
Why: For better strenght scaling of the monster, to reward hunters for catching monter early or offguard while punish them more for giving monster too much time to grow at the same time have monster player feel more their strenght gain
—Make 1st level monster WEAKER while giving him Speed boost, 2nd level gaving Speed and Health balanced while 3rd level being slower but Stronger in terms of Health and Damage

—FIX climbing upwards for better chance of “mobility counterplay” should I call it
—ADD TUTORIAL for ensnaring the monster with ARENA - by that I mean explain how it works and how long it lasts depending on situation, as a new player I have completly no Idea how it works besides press F and hope the time will be longer than 1! minute.
—Give them sprint option, have normal running NOT “holster” their weapon - it makes using anything on the run pain in the ass
—Jetpacks should regenerate while climbing but at a slow pace

This is my rant, how I feel what is wrong and what should be done with this game IF the devs don’t want this revival to be over in next week or so when players will simply abandon the game.

****I mentioned those games because:
-Overwatch - while you have to pay for the game it has available everything but SKINS for which you either buy Loot Crates or get them by playing - one of the most popularity skyrocketing games in a while
-League of Legends - Skins, skins and more skins, sure it has early access or grind bypass for people who do not want to farm for champions but at the same time it has HUGE roster of them and game is constantly being balanced, especially if some champion feels overpowered, result? - top Multiplayer game for few years that keeps growing alongside of
-DOTA which only has skinns for sale and all of it’s champions available right off the bat and somehow devs have the money for milions of dollars in championships rewards…

EDIT: Hope you beared with spelling and in few cases little awkward sentences, I would correct them but it’s 1:34 and i have to get up at 7, and I still need to pack for trip across the country…


But shouldn’t that go into gameplay? Balance isn’t a bug, even if it was really bad.

Also, I assume you’re new with the F2P model and I advise getting team mates and playing and learning together. It seems very unbalanced in the beginning, but you soon learn how to adapt and it gets fun.


I just find it amazing that we have two groups equally set in their beliefs that both sides are OP.


see… i can’t tell whether you’re being serious

from your rant, i think evolve just isn’t your game. You clearly want it to transform into something else, some RPG or MOBA, which it was never designed to be


Reminds me of good old launch evolve.

The forums at both launch and relaunch


Armor can be a little crazy at times, my personal gripe is the amount they gain from evolving.

You are playing an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter and if the monster is maxing out just one skill it is their loss. They have only 1 tool and if it is just an offensive one, yeah they’re gunna hurt. But they have NO other utility and is gunna render consistent damage almost to null.

Jetpack management is an important factor to playing as ahunter and you really need to spend a lot of time practicing when to dash, when to fly and when to hover up mountains you cant just spam it willy nilly. I use to spam so much and thought they never had enough. You get use to what you have and realize it is quite balanced. It would make chasing the monster and escaping it during mid combat way too easy. Hence, management. IN fact, they buffed the jetpack in Stage 2 so that it is no lnoger consumed when flying up hills, very good.

The new map layouts are perfect for both sides. The monster does get more advantages this time around but the maps have great vision for the hunters and are less of a hassle to maneuver around. Hence why not all maps are in yet because they are going through these new balance changes. Wildlife is part of the extra danger effect, you need to be observant and stick together as a team. It is all manageable. And when a monster has aggro on one player it is suppose to be difficult. Goes back to jetpack management.

The delays are different depending on the situation if it is early game kills the timer will be lower to give the hunters a fighting chance to let their teammates come back and change the tide of the early game. It’s not launch Evolve where you would suffer with dreaded one minute plus timer.

The currency is a work in progress but if you are just starting out you should be able to get a highly priced character in way less amount of matches then you are stating. I played for the first night in Stage 2 and unlocked 2 characters adding up to p[lus 10,000 silver keys. Just remember this game is early and you are playing a FREE to play. It just started and remember that League never had as many characters as it does now either.

This is a cool suggestion and it would be nice to have some stats like dps and cool downs on skills it is very, behind the scenes with statistics. I wish there was more of that info you usually would be told to check the patch notes or other pages and you are a good example of players who just want that convenience in game. I respect that.

Remember, Stage 2 BETA. They said more of the original content was on the way once they found out how to iron out a lot of the bugs and balance it with the rest of the new changes.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect!
The first suggestion you had goes back to the values that we can see in a menu. Good suggestion. Perks are based of personal expeirences however. The more you play the more you will be able to find a perk style to benefit how you play that monster, or whatever benefits it most. Dome SHOULD NOT do that. Is it in the monsters favor? Of course, they get shields and a possible aggressive mob. THAT however is the unique counterplay the monster needs to follow up with and the hunters to acknowledge. I know when we trap the monster with a higher tier wildlife, it is the first thing we clear out before engaging. The wildlife health was reduced by 50% to probably compliment this. And if there is wildlife the monster is trying to eat? It is easy to interrupt it especially now.

Variety is on the way and the devs would definitely be happy to tell you that. And for the skins? Yeah with the new actual hunter skins I would love to see more and I am sure we will. They have a long road ahead of them. And hunters are fairly priced. They seem to price it off of how difficult they are which makes sense at the moment since the new version is fresh. And Overwatcha nd Evolve have a very similar style of currency in perspective that you can earn for free and unlock if you dedicate it to what you want. In fact it is easier to get the currency in this one since it is not luck.

Monsters have the same progression system as hunters where they get points for how well they use their abilities and whatnot. Removing a perk slot would be totally unfair since the hunters would have that extra buff against the monster. If you are referring to the level up the monster gets from the evolution, that’s just how the game was meant to be played, monster gets stronger while hunters stay consistent throughout. The teeter totter that determines which team is weighing heavier than the other with what they got. Giving a cap is a little ridiculous as stated before since it would just limit monster potential. There is no need personally I NEVER have done it and never will. If the hunters lose stage 1 in the earliest fight possible like 2 mins, it is the hunters fault for being discoordinated. I lost a handful of fights and it is usually because of lack of communication or lack of positioning on some very important hunters. It happens and it needs to be a learning experience.

This is a thing already you can tell as you evolve.

I noticed climbing mountains is a little wonky. Could use some tweaking. Tutorials also would be REALLY nice. There is a lot of new players joining and not having it is making a lot of players not understand how the game works, or how any of the characters or mechanics play out. They are always sprinting lol. They are hunters and super tiny in a huge world. They have jetpacks for a reason and remember, jetpack management. And I can tell you about that last one, they DEFINTIELY fixed that issue and jetpack regen while climbing would be bad. The not consuming fuel while climbing is already a great step.

Every free to play does the system differently. Let Turtle Rock get all this feedback so that they can make it their own. The community is very adament about seeing this game succeed with it’s new changes and the devs are listening. Stay positive, keep the critques well explained like you have been and we are sure to see some feedback and changes in the near future. I hope my rant could help you see the balance and new changes from a different perspective.


This isn’t really a bug post, so I’m putting it to General for now :slight_smile:


remember, it hasn’t even been a week yet. They are going to fix and balance, thats why its a BETA.


By any chance did you read the Note at the beggining? If you didnt here it is, with MORE detail - at start i played with one buddy in team - it was few hours after the launch, we won most of our games during that time. After 15 or so matches I started to only play with friends in full teams where each of us took role we wanted. Since we had skype on at all times we had teamwork in theory pretty good since I’ve played with those guys for years in vasious games…

Personally, I think if I need to play more than 30 matches to see any balance besides winning with people who clearly don’t know how to play monster at all, and only the starter one then something is off with games balance.

I love multiplayer games. Hundrets of hours (couple of thousands in total over the years in total) spent on Warframe (old and new PvP modes), LoL, L4D2, Ghost Recon Online, Urban Terror, Unreal Tournament, Quake3Arena, World of Warships and Planetside. I can safely assume that anyone, not just me with that amount of MP experience would see something off in games balance…
My suggestions are aimed at giving both sides equal more or less standing in entire game with punishing monster at early mistakes and hunters for giving monster too much time. As it is it’s Benny Hill style chase where hunters either stick together or need to spread out only to be hindered in the chase by environment and their lackluster movement system.
On a note: If game has anytype of level system (which evolve has for monster and very limited for hunters with choosing and upgrading perks) then some sort of limits on maxing a skill which is reserved for late game should be implemented.
I’ll reply to you tomorrow, need sleep for now.


Pretty sure that’s an opinion that would change if you played monster against some good comp…

…but still, I’m quite amazed how you managed to give some non totally non-sense suggestions, or even good suggestions from all that !


yesh that’s a lot of writing well typing and most are just complains but I have one question how do you get more color for your badge


Please use the search function instead of making off topic posts in the future. :slight_smile:


Monsters have a much lower initial step up to their “skill floor” than hunters.

As simplified as the game is- Hunters still require a hefty chunk of knowledge about a LOT of things, but also a level of coordination that is unmatched by most games- To do even half decent against a brand new monster player.

All said and done- Monsters ARE powerful enough to combat 4 hunters who know what theyre doing. So when 1 or more dont, it doesnt go well in their favor.

At the entry level monsters just have fewer things to worry about. Not knowing the maps is far more in favor of the monster than the hunters. Monsters at entry level just run around and eat, no real path or what not. To have a good chance at doming the monster, hunters need to know how to cut, why to cut, who (as in which role) is cutting where. They need to have 1 person who is knowledgeable about preventing double-backs, following the tail of the monster. Once in combat- Entry level monsters really only need to worry about landing 1 of 4 abilities on 1 player, while smashing the melee key. Hunters have to worry more about positioning, jetpack management, kiting, ability rotation between 3 other people on their team.

Hunters simply do not know how to do this stuff properly, let alone do it properly while communicating it with a team of 3 other people learning how to do this stuff.

A monster on the other hand is responsible for himself and no one else.

Once hunters START to learn these things however- It gets to be different. Weve seen these trends time and time again in evolve. At entry level, monsters have a strong chance against entry level hunters. Once past this, hunters start to have the upper edge. Then mid level monsters start to learn how to deal with teams who are coordinated. Then once you finally get to higher levels you start to see the true balance of the game in pub level play. Its far too soon to say for now, but in the past its largely been the hunters game to lose at this point- With a couple monster specific exceptions (who themselves required a high skill ceiling in the first place to get to that point).

Point is- Dont give up man. Once you start to “Get it” as a hunter- This game is fun. A LOT of fun. There is a level of depth in evolve you will NOT find in many, if ANY games.

And if you ask- Im sure a LOT of us would be glad to play with you and give you a hand. Feel free to add me on steam. Steam name is the same name as here. Cant miss me- My icon is the evolve logo.


this guy with the real questions right now I love it


As someone who played Evolve during Retail, the game has never been this balanced before.

Reason why I can’t take threads like this seriously and fear the developers might actually consider what they suggest.


I did read it, and I read this too…But that does change the fact that -

Unless I’m horribly misconstruing your post, in which case I apologize.


Forgive me as I didn’t read the entire OP but isn’t the monster supposed to be OP? Its 4v1 after all, arguing balance in a game that thrives on imbalance is a hard argument to make.


wait a minute, you’re asking the devs for skins you pay actual money for!?!



you know the internet people don’t like anything


I hate to say it but you’ve got a point.

When skins were bought with money, everyone whined.

Now that they have in game currency, people still whine.