Balance in this game never existed, but now it's totally ruined


I am playing Evolve since the release. I quit it because winning as a monster vs any decent teams was nearly impossible - maps were too small, too many shortcuts, too many tracking abilities that made hiding almost useless.

But now… now monster will never win against decent hunter team. This is just not possible.

  • First you start, you run, you tracked with the sattelite and will be captured in next minute. That’s just a fact. Only noobs following monster with whole team - expirienced people sending 2 people in srtaight line, 1 on the left, 1 on the right. All escapes are covered, and because maps are not wide at all - others will join them in 10 second period.

  • Only monster that is capable of evolving without being caught - is Wraith. Others, even with feeding speed perks will never finish it so fast because their traversal are too slow.

  • Then you fight. Well, not fight, just recieve amount of damage to get free, because you cannot actually do damage at lvl1. Yes, i killed some teams at that stage - but they were full of noobs.In best case you will do few strikes if some of the hunters are really retarded, but that’s the best you can hope for.

  • You probably will not run away. Slow, all team shooting in your ass, you jump or fly, get slowed again, permaslow… you can escape eventually, but right after that you will face end of the map, and hunters right behind you, and another dome. Evolve? Be glad if you will be able to eat a few beasts on the way without being shot! Hiding? There is almonst no bushes on map, you can’t hide anywhere, and magic sattelite will find you anyway…

  • If you have enough points to evolve - even if you run at the opposite side of the map, hunters will get to you before you finish evolving. They are just so damn fast. Or maps are tiny.

  • You are stage 2 and want to give them a fight? Forget that! I was stage 3 Elder Kraken once, that is the most powerfull monster right now because he does not recieving hits from assault primary weapon - but still by the time when i managed to kill 3 from 4 hunters they already respawned. And i was at 100% hp vs fresh team.

  • If you are other monster - this is what will happen: you will hit people with all your leveled up abilities but they will stay at full hp and with shields almost always on. Sometimes you will get someone to 50% if you focus him really hard, but he will just use jetpack to fly high, and when he will fall down - he will be fully healed and shielded again. Many times i fought hunters for 4-5 minutes and haven’t managed to put anyone’s hp bellow 50%. At stage 3, as different monsters. It feels like 90% of my damage are soaked… And even if you will get someone down eventually - you will have a hard and very long time on trying to finish him off, and you will probably die trying to do that while 3 other hunter are still alive.

But i am winning games. Only vs players who came up when game became free. Each time i win there is noob hunters who making horrible mistakes - attack monster solo, very seperated from the team, not spreading out both in fights and in search, trying to do damage as supporst and medics… That’s the only way to win in Evolve as a monster. If i would play vs other founder players like me, who have more then year playing expirience - i would win 0% of the fights.

Before hunters was able to wreck any monster without any effort. With new ballance they got from overpowered to godlike. I am not sure that i want to get in another fight where i will be unable to even damage them,

To All Goliath Players:
To All Goliath Players:

That’s pretty much been my experience. A bunch of new players are coming in and are easy to destroy, but actual experienced hunters absolutely destroy monsters. You will never get away and you will never do damage.


I get that in assymetric games it’s hard to make proper ballance, but after so much attempts - same result, but even worse?


For you*

Small correction. I’m sorry but the balance really isn’t anywhere near as off as you are presenting it to be. It’s not perfect- but this? Dear no.


i beg to disagree


So you play only hunters… ? Clearly.


Yeah i can take my fav monster and pubstomp some noobs too… works great. But try to go to the ranked and will see now this will change for you…


Ce win streak!


nunu dude you don t get away with that comment, or else you d be contradicting yourself




Im one of those weirdoes who plays both.


This is a clear cut example of you obviously needing more practice at fighting, landing combos, and learning when to engage.
If you were right i think there’d be more “hunters op” threads.
You cant claim your opinion as factual.
Go fet some more practice in on bots in solo customs then give it another go. Im sure you dont want to read that because as soon as anyone recommends practicing, the other gets all hot an salty an thinks their pride is being insulted.
Im tellin you mate, go practice.
Practice makes perfect.
And i kno i kno, “i dont need practice, the games just broken!” says everyone who claims there opinions as facts.


We need to get this guy together with the dude who made the ‘All Monsters are OP’ thread…


Lmfao nahhh theyd get nowhere saying, "my opinion is right and your opinion is wrong becaaue of this reason"


I’m tired now, having read that and imagined.


We all are. Its the same argument in every thread…


It does feel that way sometimes, haha. I feel I’ve (accidentally) partook in too many of those very arguments.


It all good man. Everyone has an opinion and a right to express it.
I on the other hand only have the experiances of a Shear now forgotten in the pages of yesterday(on console) so i sit here on the sidelines trying to gather as much info as i can an try to offer advice of things that worked well in the past.
And honestly the biggest bit of advice i can offer, is if you have issues with a character, go practice WITH that character an gain that better understanding.
Knowledge is power.


Funny you say that. I did that with Wraith the day of release - practiced with her against bots for a number of rounds, I mean. I’ve always been a pretty terrible monster, but I wanted to see the damage output, cooldowns, etc. - especially on Decoy. It does help to put things into perspective, though. It’s good advice usually.

If you’re waiting for Stage 2 then, since you’re on console - despite all the threads arguing about who’s overpowered more than who, the game is more fun than it’s ever been. I remember the excitement I had unlocking stuff during the original beta way back, and the full game now feels like that again. Most of the changes they implemented when making it free to play makes it feel like a more complete game, and a lot of the balance changes to many of the characters make pretty much all hunters feel very viable now (save for a few that need love). It’s pretty great.


Honestly, There is balance, its just awkward as hell. Perks upset that balance pretty hard. Like all of the really good feeding speeds combined it just sorta breaks it. I mean hell, silver gives movespeed and climb speed as well.

But on the other hand, you’ve got people so experienced with the monsters, they roflstomp face hardcore