Balance ideas, increase fun, fear, risk, reward, etc


I’ll start simply then explain the details later. Please give the monster and the hunters the ability to increase the ENEMY’s strength if they choose to. Players can earn bonus xp and rewards can be gradually unlocked and are varied based on what people want and what’s fair (higher ranks, visual perks, whatever).

The fastest way to add this would be to have a voting system that could be started by anyone after X happens or X time passes. Monster = M, Hunters = H. (more immersive system below this).
M is bored by H and wants a real challenge so instead of quitting he votes to increase H’s power by X % (10%) for X number of minutes, H sees this and will have various reactions ranging from an inspiration to stop them from getting the reward, to anger/revenge for M thinking they aren’t good enough.
If M learns he’s made a mistake he can cancel the boost at any time, with a little time wear off time (since the enemy could’ve been playing badly on purpose/griefers), but he only gets the ‘bonus XP’ for the time the boost is active AND only if he wins. The first ‘voter’ can’t stop the others from voting later if they feel confident enough to increase the enemy’s strength.

A more immersive way would be to give M & H an attack that ‘infects’ the enemy and only after you win can you collect the profitable results of the ‘infection’ from their dead body. E.g., H are bored because it’s a noob M, they shoot an injection into M that creates something valuable in their blood but it has the side effect of making M more powerful in some way (hit dmg inc, shield, etc). M can gas them for the same effect if he wants to risk it too. The longer it’s in their blood AND the larger the amount of it (= % boost) the more ‘resource’/reward they’ll get when they win to put towards XP, rank, etc.

Please help me work out the bugs and stop any possible loopholes, griefers, etc.
The M side is easy but how will the hunters votes be dealt with, if one person injects M will only they get the reward and only they will take more damage because they gave M more power?

Try to put ideas into categories so they’re easier to consolidate later, e.g., rewards, balance, grief, etc.

Some people are ‘paralyzed’ by their need to keep their stats a certain way so it might be helpful if the vanilla W/L ratio was separate from the risky W/L, or if you come up with a system better than the W/L.


Hm, I do like the idea of a fear statistic