Balance changes i would make


I just wanted to share my thoughts and balance changes i would make.(i play trapper)

–General changes
-Monster player can see first 2 hunter character picks in character pick screen and picks after first 2 hunter, last 2 hunter player picks after monster player and can see what monster player has picked. One randomly selected hunter can decide the pick order. Has 30 secs to decide the pick order.

-Character pick is 15 secs per player. They are free to change their perks after they pick their characters

-Monsters shouldnt be able to eat in dome(or gain armor in dome. Monsters might want to try eating hunter corpse to prevent lazorus revive). Once you scare hunters enough as monster and hide for a fraction of second, you can eat and gain alot of armor back. this is unbalanced. Either they shouldnt gain armor for 20 seconds after damaging a hunter(and also if they are near hunters and damaged one of them in 20 secs) OR they shouldnt gain armor in dome. In late game, fights are usually without dome so i think first change is better overall

-Monsters should spawn little further but tracks should be there from ship deploy point to monster’s spawn location(or maybe give monster more time to run). In return monsters should get damage nerf stage 1 and it should be impossible for a monster to burst one hunter down in 3 secs in stage 1. And stage 2 requires more 5-10 more food

-Wraith decoy should make wraith invis but decoy deals NO damage and doesnt attack hunters unless they get too close or is sent to a hunter. Decoy, as you can guess from the name should be used as a decoy to run away for the monster. Not as a dps improver.

-Wraith should leave unique trace while airdashing similar to kraken flight.

-Gorgon’s spider traps should have less hp or die in 3 shots and bigger hitbox. They are impossible to kill before getting caught for a hunter except for assault class. And they also prevent acid damage when inside spider trap for hunters

-Gorgon’s acid spit should deal more damage on hit but A LOT less when standing on.

-Kraken armor nerf. Wraith hp nerf .

-Meteor goliath’s fire breath should get a range nerf.

-Trappers’s(aka tracker) global scan is op. I think it shouldnt give trapper wallhacks, should have half map range

-Hunters should throw the dome with their hands again except every hunter is able to throw dome. But dome should spawn faster and can be thrown further than the old version. And if dome is cancelled in first 15 secs dome cd should set to 2:45.

-Crow’s bird should show how far its scouting range is with a circle

-Griffin’s harpoon should only be destroyed by a basic attack

Do you agree? Comment down
(english sorry bad for)


I was interested @GentlemanSquirl, in the reasoning for planet scanner outlining wildlife and the monster? I don’t feel it’s necessary either.


It does feel a bit much that it not only tells them your direction but outlines you too.


If you’re close enough, it does.

But I agree, I would like it to just provide the speed boost and direction.