Balance Bros AMA TL;DR here. For lazy people

I’m in a bit of a sour mood, so I’m just gonna say where I sit on certain things. Nothing about this or Evolve has me in a bad mood, it’s in my actual life, but I wanted to let peope know so they don’t take my brief comments as condescending or otherwise passive-aggressive.


Also good.

By ‘adjusted’ I am going to guess the Balance Bros want to make certain feeding routes more certain (as in less based on chance i.e. going left on Orbital Drill. Depending on where the two mammoth birds spawn on lower levels, you can get an additional two mammoth birds without losing too much time; a 4 whole bars of energy, which is important.)

The Megamouth and Reaver buff changes sound fantastic.

Before I got grumpy I was like ‘OH HELL YEAH’ but now I’m just gonna say ‘good.’

Thank you.

Sounds great. I can’t remember though…did they increase the damage resistance that each stack of Living Fortress has? Or did they reduce the damage it takes to trigger a stack?

If it hasn’t happened yet, the former would probably be beneficial to Behemoth. Or just have more stacks, I don’t know.

Rescaled damage wise? If so, that’s very good. If it’s range wise, that’s alright, I suppose.

As it should be.

This is fine in some areas, but on maps like Wraith Trap, Crow is insanely powerful. However, I’m going to say that’s Wraith Trap’s problem and not Crow’s.

I like most of the Medic changes.

Perk changes fair.

Y. A. Y.

Y. A. Y.

A valiant effort, but I don’t know how effective they will be. Hard counters are hard counters because of their inherent mechanics. Slim will always be inherently stronger against Behemoth, just as Behemoth will always be inherently stronger against Laz.

Desperately holding it together for her adaptation.
~sharpening pitch forks and oiling torches~


changed it isn’t a bug it was intentional just like jetpacks and DoTs revealing him.

Reduced damage it takes to trigger and increased the time it’ll stick around

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Intentional or not, it was retarded, because your own teammate was punishing you for doing his job.

Still not a bug so still not a fix.

Because shields should totally have worked on cloaked hunters without revealing them? That seems like a brilliant idea sunny cloaks gets shielded by her drone all without being revealed. The only reason they’re changing it now is because only one support currently has cloak and his shield is minuscule.

Hm, how do you know it was intentional? Do you have a source? Or was it a programming tic that they thought wasn’t important to correct?

It could very easily have been a slip in programming, rendering the shield particles whenever the support uses shieldburst, and forgetting (or thinking a trivial issue) the cloak check. It could even be in the architecture, that the rendering is done by some section of the program branched from the support character, and it is difficult to check another character’s statuses from within this “box”. <- Wild guessing here.

No I just noticed that DoTs reveal him, jetpacks reveal him, shields reveal him and his cloak is only a shimmer like the predator cloak. It’s also been around since the big alpha. He’s been UP for ages if it was an actual bug I’m 99% certain they would have thought of removing it before now to help Laz out.

Been in a lot longer than shield burst bruv.

In legacy only two hunters had shield. Now every support has it. So what, support should yell at you to run away because he wants to shield the team? Don’t you find it a tiny bit fucked up?

If the monster is focusing the support or your team don’t be within shield burst range?

Back then not at all. Now that he can’t cloak share wee bit. Again still not a fix because it’s not a bug.

Why nerf claws because medics are weak when they are going to buff them (but nerfing slim)?

Cause apparently it was too strong against everyone including slim who they said is too strong.

I’m still a bit sceptical about this plan to nerf claws… lets see how it rolls out…

But support is shielding everyone, not just himself. It doesn’t matter who is being focused, SB needs to be activated even if only one hunter is in danger.

Back then a lot of thing were different. But now, perhaps not a bug, support is literally screwing your play. This is a broken gameplay mechanic.

For lazy people, eh?
I would leave my calling card, but I’m too lazy for that.

They nerf claws. CDR and the DI perks will be the meta for damage monsters now.

CDR being pretty effective even after its (2%) nerf

I can vouch for that- Evolved Recovery is fantastic. I use it all the time as Goliath.

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Yes it does? If Laz isn’t being focused then he doesn’t need the shield and should stay out of range of it so he can cloak if necessary.

But this creates unnecessary and unneeded complication in already complex gameplay. And that’s my point. It has no reason whatsoever to exist.

Plus things happen so fast its hard to move away from the support’s shield range. And Laz needs to stay relatively close to his HB.

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Yes it did. Just like jetpacks or DoTs revealing cloaked hunters. It could stand to be fine tuned so that shield burst doesn’t reveal him though.