Balance Bros AMA TL;DR here. For lazy people

Below is a listing of opinions contributed by @Insane_521, @GentlemanSquirl and @LordDeath, sorted by topic. I call it a TL;DR, but it’s still pretty long.

(Sorry if I got anything wrong here. Please sort me out immediately.)

Game Mechanics

Dome Cooldown: They are going to try the timer slow instead of a timer pause.

Draft System is planned. They are thinking of including perks in the process. They want picks and bans in Ranked “at some point”.

The unforgiving (of mistakes) nature of Evolve and the consequent momentum shifts are a difficult problem, but “players wouldn’t like a heavy handed approach to balancing out that kind of design” and would take very long to get used to it. The new matchmaking system will help with this by having players of more equal skill.

Sneak Pounce’s radius was reduced as it was frustrating to get “Hoover Vac’d” when you thought you were out of range.

They don’t like the current Glicko matchmaking system. They prefer it to be Elo/MMR based. They are working on the new one instead.


Feeding routes and buff spawning will be looked into and adjusted. Feeding routes will be opened up. They are looking into adding more buffs and/or more copies of buffs on the map. The Megamouth and Reaver buffs are being looked at.

More maps will be added as they are completed.

Pillars are slowly being removed.


Goliath seems to be solid. His passive is likely to be worked on after Kraken’s. The ability to cancel fire breath (also applies to Meaty) “makes a whole lot of sense”, but it “won’t be something we can simply turn on” and they are unsure how the system will interact with it.

Meteor Goliath’s passive: they have an idea, but implementation is “not close”.

Kraken’s passive and rework has not been started due to lack of time. Aftershock will be replaced with a ranged ability, similar to Lava Bomb’s AOE, with other effects alongside damage. Banshee mines will remain deployables but will trigger once a Hunter is in range and will explode once they reach the zone the Hunter was last standing. (These could change as they test.)

Wraith will be getting a complete refactor in the next few weeks. She will not be getting extra durability or mobility. Supernova will have higher damage but it will have a limited number of hits. Decoy will get a bit of utility and better responsiveness. Wraith’s passive “will allow her to play more like a stalker assassin”.

Behemoth can’t play against Slim because he’s UP and Slim is OP. After they are brought back, he should be fine with Slim. Living Fortress was designed to counter Assault damage similar to what Parnell outputs, because Assaults like Parnell are generally going to land every single pellet, and they want to give him time to attack before being melted.

Gorgon is viable but has frustration points. The traversal can keep unresponsive, which they are working on fixing, and Acid Spit’s mechanics cause its damage to be inconsistent, which will be fixed soon.


They “don’t think [they’ll] venture too far away from the defense matrix with the assault class”. There’s a good mix of styles of doing damage. Assaults should be set apart from each other by their gear.

Hyde’s adaptation has completed art, but “isn’t on the design radar”. They have ideas for his kit.

Torvald is in a good spot and rewards skilled play, which is where he should be. He has a 43% winrate in Hunt-B and 47.3% in arcade.

Lennox may be getting her Lance rescaled.

Renegade Abe will be monitored to see if he’s too weak following the armor regeneration changes.


Cabot’s Dust Tag has no planned changes. It is effective during combat as keeping tabs on the monster helps keep damage going. His damage is in a good spot.

Battle Cabot is in the Cataclysm timeline with Waggie and Rabe. Solar Blast and Orbital Concealment are intended to go through ceilings, and the other orbital abilities will follow suit soon. His inability to auto fire will be fixed. His damage may or may not be too low, because as a skill-based character he will take time to show his potential.

Sunny isn’t inconsistent, but may appear so as she shows a big difference between a good player and a bad player. They know Sunny is strong, but there are no nerfs planned for her at the moment. They don’t like how loaded Sunny’s kit is, and will reevaluate when they start splitting her kit.


They are not sure if harpoons should drop Kraken faster, as they tested it before and Kraken couldn’t get away.

Wasteland Maggie didn’t bring enough before the patch. They are unsure now.

Abe “is a good general counter to most monster and thats ok”.

Crow’s identity is separate from Abe’s as he can poke health from afar and finish low health monsters. If he had Abe’s damage he would just outclass Abe.


Most medics are UP now and will be getting buffs in a week or so. Paladin is good, and Slim is too strong and needs nerfs.

Rogue Val was overnerfed and will be buffed back each patch.

Lazarus’s meta is about the threat of the glove, not the glove itself, and forcing the monster into a spot for you to punish. There will be perks this month that reinforce his playstyle. Him being revealed by shields will be fixed, and his incap healing will be increased. They don’t like perk dot effects decloaking him, but monster abilities is ok. They want to solve the dropship issues with Laz but it won’t happen soon.

Caira was good, then fell out of favor as mechanics and monsters changed. Will be buffed next week. She may be getting an extra nade.

Quira’s numbers are good, but has usability issues. Her cooldown buffs are “an easy way to give her general power across all levels of play”. Her fields will likely get a radius increase next patch. Fields sticking to the monster are highly unlikely.

Slim is no longer very inconsistent. It is intended that his effectiveness is based on his distance from the monster. However, the difference between a good Slim and a bad one is very obvious. Slim is very strong by himself and nearly immortal with Hank or Sunny.

Emet’s buoys are planned to become more durable, and maybe have a longer range. He has a lot of cheese he can perform in competitive, which they could remove to buff his numbers. He can do very well in pubs.


Agility perks will be getting a reduction to jetpack regeneration.

The Claw perks are too much guaranteed damage and are causing medics problems. They are too powerful and will likely be nerfed again.

Grounder’s dot is low because the debuff is strong enough and the damage should not be strong enough to compete with the Claw perks.

Heavy Hitter/Brute Force was created with a penalty because they didn’t like how straight DI didn’t change playstyles at all. Now the monster must capitalise on opportunities, and will be exposed if they misplay. The net decrease in ability DPS is intended.

New perk clues: Something that reinforces Laz’s playstyle, and something to do with healing. (May be referring to the same thing.)

Vision and regen are going to be updated in the future, by adding additional effects. It may be next update.


Future Plans

  • More in game progress rewards, reports after each dome and more expanded end of round stats … a big part of the problem is not knowing how well you did in your role
  • A stat database is good to have but will take time away from other things and thus low priority and a long way off.
  • They are working on showing stat gains in character select when perks are selected.
  • Leaderboards and replays will not be returning in the near future as they “are investing in other avenues”.
  • Fixing feeding bugs is planned, and Battle Cabot got in the way.
  • New characters take a lot more resources, and will depend on how Gold Keys fare.
  • They are slowly trying to less the impact of hard counter, but it’s a slow process.

I got nearly everything but not everything, I left out the most irrelevant things, like Cory’s olive eating.

Personal rant:

goddammit they ignored 56% of my question post argg


I was looking for your post, although I already read the original thread

Started writing after your post timing, so there was nothing for you to look for.

I mean something like your post. thank you very much for doing this because i did missed out some of the points like new perks

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OR people could just read the topic with all the questions they answered…


You left out mine :frowning:

Going to agree with Skills here, though I appreciate the effort!


man turtle rock is awesome

never thought they were going to put all of this effort into the game after the big dropoff at the beginning. really impressive

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Yeah TRS are amazing developers. They are also pretty fun guys since one of them @Hillbilly_Deathlord made a meme out of.

I love these devs they all deserve more money :money_with_wings: shit no that was what I was gonna give to them!


But then why add a Draft System ?
Players should be able to play the character they want.

Competitive has been begging for a draft system since before release.

Probably because there will never be a way to remove the “counter” aspect of it. Slim will always do well against Bob, and will always do worse against Kraken or Wraith.

They’re trying to make it so there never is an automatic loss just by someone picking the wrong/right character.

You don’t know that.

They already made him viable against Kraken and are working on making him more fair against Bob.

It’s true they are, but I’m just saying that Slim will always do better against Bob than Kraken because he’s a larger target that’s often stationary. I’m not saying that in the future Bob will still always lose to Slim, it’ll just be a less than optimal matchup.

Besides, the draft system will only be in ranked where it’s more competitive. In the arcade mode there won’t be drafting.

Yesssss, the end of Glicko will be coming.


They will also buff his incap heal.

Bookmarked. Will post thoughts later.


I’m no dev. I’m just some kind of advanced tree slime that woke up a while back and decided to hang around this foul place. But if you’re saying I memed one of the devs
then i’m not really sure what you mean either.

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wonder what that could be. o:

ewwwwwwww I get why but still ewww

Please. He needs help, esp. considering 3/5 monsters directly counter him (meaty and gorgon have him constantly revealed and bob is the bodycamp king [I’m not complaining abou bob really it’s more that meaty and gorgon make invisibility absolutely useless.])

cool, they’re intersting perks

Health regen? cause I think they do need some help because they do not help with focus.

Although assaults can take it so they can tank abilities and not have their medic worry about them, but there are better perks.