Badly skilled players aren't playing as monster

This is my theory as to why hunters are getting dominated right now. It’s that badly skilled players aren’t playing as monster.

If you are a bad player, there’s more reasons to play as a hunter. For example the social aspect. The fact that it’s less stressful. The fact that you can place blame on your teamates instead of yourself. Or you can cling to better players in the hopes of achieving a victory by riding on their backs.

Over time I think that the poorly skilled players will get bored of losing continuously as hunters, and begin playing as monsters, or they will simply take a break from the game. I think that’s when things will balance out, because then the bronze skilled players will be up against truly bronze skilled monster.

If you are a highly skilled Evolve player, and you want to consistently win matches, you’re better off either playing with a premade team of others who are equally or better skilled than you, or playing monster. As a result of this, I think that monster right now is being overly represented by higher skilled players, and hunters are plagued by a mix of bad/good players.

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I have noticed the opposite, players I used to decimate in pubs on monster are now winning without much of a struggle. Could just be that poor pubs are in abundance right now

Hm that’s good to know. It could also be attributed to the way that brand-spankin’ new players who just bought the game are being lumped up with veterans who have been playing for months.

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well me and @jedi_warrior won 4 or 5 matches i think just the two of us out of 6 the rest were random people

I haven’t lost a single hunter match yet and I’m probably below average on the hunter side of the game. Still too soon to say one side or the other is dominating.

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Been dominating Hunters and Monsters (that is until we played Psychotik ¬_¬)

There are still plenty monsters of various skills there. It’s quite hard to find good ones. (On PS4 at least).

Im not sure bout other platform, im playing PC version. i do agree with you.

  1. Bad skilled players always (most of the time) complain and blame others for their lose.
  2. Bad skilled players wont (most of the time), wont play as monster, because there are no other players to blame other than himself, and most of them cant handle the pressure, and responsibility.
  3. Bad skilled players will eventually quit playing ( as hunter/monster ).

I do not agree with " public monster are now winning without much struggle".
i do solo queue as monster, and its hard to fight against 4 premade- competent hunter players.
Some relatively easy…i would say, but not all.
Im by no means a pro monster player, but i do have decent knowledge on how to play as a hunters/and monster.

Give matchmaking some time, eventually pro/competent teams/monster will end up in GOLD rank, and others will settle in silver/bronze.

Ps: im not quite understand the point gain/lose per match in matchmaking ? i do realized that i gain much lesser than i lose ?? eventually ill drop to silver-bronze… ?

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Yeah this could be a PC thing. I’m on PC too.

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