Badges and More!


Badges are cool and all, but I wish I had more options with it because I’m starting to see a lot of similarities with other players.

Ideally I would love to have a “badge builder” like BF4 or CoD has (overlapping shapes), but I have my doubts the dev’s will want to do that, mostly because of the work involved.

A secondary option would at least give us a bit more control over how to colour our badges because simply having a Primary/Secondary is pretty bland. Ideally I’d like to click on sections and colour them individually. Colouring book style.

Or at the very least, allow us to earn more unique/rare/exclusive badges via external activities like Promos, Livestream Events, Creative or Community Contests, etc. Honestly the Hunter’s Quest App is a pretty good (although a bit grindy) way to earn badges.

TL;DR I want my badge to be a unique pretty snowflake :frowning: