Badges and match three games


So I am aware of the badges you need to acquire through the Evolve: Hunter’s Quest app… 16 of them? 4 for biomes/bestiary and 12 for maxing each hunter. Why are the most elaborate versions of each foreground badge locked behind double digit hour amounts of match three play?

I’m just a little upset that I’ve spent so much time getting elite skins, hitting level 40 and unlocking most of the badges… to find that the final versions of each foreground variation is locked behind a match three game I have no interest in spending an estimated 25 hours on to unlock them.

Devs; is there a plan to make them available through the triple A title I’ve already spent ~40 hours on?



I don’t believe they will be. Personally, I’m loving having all the badges… plus the devs have alluded to skins being added as rewards in the future so maybe you’ll want to start playing ;). Just spend an hour a day when you’re in a car, watching tv, listening to music etc. You must have some free time you could spend on the app and it’s not like it hurts anything to try it out and unlock a few things in the main game if the badges are important to ya.


I have plenty of spare time away from home. I just hate tedious/monotonous games like match three and how mediocre the elite badges are compared to the app badges. I know my friends and I feel cheated out of good in game rewards with the weapon skins only and the badge thing just adds to the frusteration.

BTW great guide on the app but not everyone loves match three games in there spare time.