Badge System and Color Picking System


I have been making a list for a while to build up a good argument on the Badge System. So here’s my list

  1. Skill Levels

When I unlock a badge that because I play this character a lot. I unlocked this badge due to skill and hard work. So for me to play Lennox or Hank to elite them and then I get these amazing awesome badges just to only not be able to chose my color

  1. Color Locking

At least most of us have a certain favorite color, right and we all have a certain dislike color, right? Emerald Green is my favorite color while Bright Yellow is my more disliked color. So when I have only choices to pick from Yellow I get upset because I don’t like it. I may chose a certain color for Green on the badge but then I want to try other colors. Overall locking colors was a bad idea in the first place.

  1. A way to make Locking okay?

Make them purchasable and when unlocked and bought they should stay unlocked for all badges. You could either have individual colors bought for 5 or 10 Keys or unlock an entire color set for 50 Keys. This way we don’t have to buy our disliked color or even use that disliked color. We could unlocked out few favorite colors/sets.

  1. Explain how to unlock Colors better

Saying that you unlock Colors through progression isn’t very descriptive. Because it feels like you have to play this character 20 times to unlock Blue. Or when you do get to Elite and your first badge you unlocked at level 4 still has multiple color sets locked. Progression as in Player Progression? Okay, people and I are at level 50 now…still locked. This is a bad description and it confuses us players.

  1. TL;DR

Don’t have Colors Locks.
Why lock colors in the first place?
Able to buy colors/color sets?
Explanation is in a poor state.



I will be making a post with all the math behind badges when I get home, so prepare yourself for more arguments. :smiling_imp:

(I would do it now but I’m on my phone and I don’t want to finger-type a whole, long post.


Make sense :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to it :wink:


We locked the colors so we could introduce the idea of Rarity for colors. This should help people feel more special when they unlock or win a rare color.

Common unlocks - Orange, Yellow, Green & Teal

Uncommon unlocks - Blue, Purple & Pink

Rare unlocks - Red & Grayscale

We are still working on adding some ways to unlock the badges, and that is coming soon! :smiley: Check out the trello board: to find info on that, it’s a little hidden, but I’m not saying it outright for those who like surprises. :wink: We hope that once everything is in, folks will like the idea of rarities, but there will be a little bit more of a wait before it’s all up and running.

We also like to give badges away during our community events such as our livestreams! You can try to win one today by watching out Twitch stream 12 PST!


Check out this thread to see the badge we are giving away this week during the livestream: Evolve Stage 2 Official Livestream :monster: - 08/25 12PM PST


We have found the answer!

While this is an interesting idea, I didn’t even know there was supposed to be different rarities with colours. Thus I never felt special or thought so of others who did have those colours.


Wait did I miss something and there’s now a way to unlock colours in game? Or do you mean in the future?


The thing is though, they’re colors. That’s it. It’s such a simple and insignificant thing. Personally, I don’t know how you could feel special from unlocking a color, something that you should already have in the first place. Imo of course.


Yea the rarities thing is a new idea that we haven’t communicated all that clearly yet since it’s not quite all up and running yet. We had so many other things that we wanted to focus on for Stage 2 that the badge colors was a lower priority. But, we know how much people like them since many people have been giving us good feedback so we are working on making things better as soon as we can. :smiley:


In the future


just let me buy colours already…im just sick of not beeing able to get my old freaking badge back…


Why not make rare textures that can be unlocked instead of colors?

For example, a gold texture to match the gold monster skins?

Rainbow textures, hazard textures, valentines hearts textures, fur textures, etc. those hold more rarity than the ROYGBV spectrum imo.

That or have rare badges that stand out, rather than the ROYGBV colors for generic badges you unlock via playing a character.


Again…Glitter textures…

@eDubs Thank you for the reply, I’m not sure if I like the rarity system for colors…I think it would be cool to be able to buy colors.

I can tell everything you are doing is giving something for players to play more. So getting Keys is a way to play more and so would be buying Colors with those hard earned keys, right?


We can’t have our original badges anymore, which is pretty sad (second dude is not with us, but he tried to adapt, lol)

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I’m lucky that sunny has pink/purple drone unlock, but it’s a different drone badge, not one I originally used. And pink heart now is actually heart with stripes set to pink. So even tho I got as close is I could, it’s not the same, and other’s on team aren’t that lucky.