Badge Creations


There are so many groovy badges out there…why don’t we make and share some of ours? Feel free to create some even if you don’t don any. I have a few badges I like to roll with myself. Here are two of my current favorites:

This one I like to call Grumpy Gobi:

And…are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? I did NOT know that eliting Behemoth gives you a badge of Behemoth WITH A BEARD! I call this one Hodag Behemoth because I love Hodags. It’s a really awesome monster…look it up sometime!

Feel free to make and post some badges. Get a screenshot while you create! Lets all have some fun!

Share your badges!
Share your badges!

I was surprised that no one else has shown off their badge here yet!

This is my current badge


I keep forgetting to take a screenshot…


Here is one my daughter and I made today. It’s for her “favorite girl monster that likes to dance and scream.”


This was one of my original favorite badges:

Once I elited all of my trappers I had to rock this one:

I haven’t worn this yet but I unlocked it from the Hunter’s Quest app and hadn’t seen anyone with it yet. I rather like it in some weird way:

Once I got all of my hunters to level 30 within that app I HAD to don this badge…so hard to grind for!

And now I am proudly wearing this one…and not because I’m really loving it but because Slim’s elite was so dang difficult to get!

Honestly it was so hard to get I feel this badge should at least blink or allow for two color choices on the mantis or something.


Your color choices are on point!


I just realized that that Wraith badge has the VOODOO skin.


How do you guys screenshot just the Badge?


That’s what I’m wondering


Haha. I’m trying to figure it out right now


This is the one for getting Sunny elite with one of Slim’s backgrounds I believe.


I took a screen of everything and cropped it. :wink:


This is the quintessential most difficult badge to earn in the game…Slim and Sunny’s elite badges:

This is my current badge…but as most people know by now that play with me, I rock various badges at any given time. I just love them all so much and love to play with the colors! Can’t just stick to one for too long!


I want that cupcake so bad!


You beat me to this! Nice color choices BTW too.


Thanks purple is my favorite color so I had to lol


I did mine on XB1. I went to the badge editor in-game and took a screenshot then logged onto and checked my news feed. Finally I used the snipping tool to copy and paste to the forum.


Just show people whatever badge you’re currently using!

Here’s mine so far- the Valkyrie.


Mine changes on a regular basis, just ask @Shin, I change it like 5 times in a single loading screen


…Are you not satisfied with what you have?