Badge Colours


How do you unlock new colours for your badges? Maybe Im not looking hard enough, but I can’t seem to find anywhere that says anything about unlocking new colours for your badges.


You unlock them via progression. It’s been confirmed by the devs. :slight_smile:


and how do you need to progress ? i already have a monster lvl 40 and my acc is also lvl 30 xD i cant progress further , i can only lvl up more hunters



More details

I think one of the balance bros is going to post exact XP and rewards but Ill jump in quickly with what I know…I dont manage the rewards for this stuff but am looking at the document right now

Account level - Account rewards are solely Silver Keys right now until you hit level 15 and we start missing in other rewards like badges. The ones in the account progression are some of the older Hunters Quest App ones.

Character Progression - a little less than 1/3 of the Character progression rewards are badges/colors. Most of these match the old progression rewards for mastery for each character. So the Markov related badges are still in the Markov progression

Punchcard - We mix in different color variations to punchcard rewards. Looking at this month we probably should have added more in…we only have 3 for July but we also decided to give out 4 characters.

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