Badge colours locked. How to unlock?


How exactly are the colours unlocked?


Hello, they are unlocked via progression. :slight_smile:


account level or character level?


Mind if I ask in what progression system?

There is:

  • Per-hunter/monster (same way you unlock badges)
  • Player Level (key rewards, etc)


I believe player level progression


Which level is black unlocked?


I could not tell you, I don’t know myself exactly.


It’s player progression I’d assume. Why would it not be? Badges are not linked to characters at all after their unlocking.


Correct, but I don’t know which characters unlock which colors.


The locked colors vary slightly depending on badge- it’s not the same for every badge- so I assume it’s account progression. I don’t know for sure though.


i can say that i didnt got any color for the badges i got from leveling up my Gorgon , he is lvl 40 (max lvl ) and i still only have nearly none colors for those badges i got on the way


it’s weird as the first row going down is unlocked and the only badge which I can fully colour is the one with the male hutner looking guy.
The rest of the badge colours are locked.

would be nice if a dev could fill us in how to unlock things etc