Badge colors


Tooltip says the badge colors are unlocked throu progresion. Really? I thoght i should dance in the moonlight at the midnight. It should be more specirfic. Wchich character unlocks wchich color etc.


Try learning what the word “progression” means then you’ll know


Thanks for literally nothing. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I have no clue what I’m supposed to progress. I’ve gotten my account leveled and multiple hunters and monsters leveled up decently, nothing unlocked. I’ve tried playing with one specific badge over many games to see if that’d unlock colors for it, nothing. It says no where. Instead of helping you just insulted the person.


You get multiples of the same badge last I remember and not all of them are the same colors on each hunter well for those that have matching emblems and also through daily rewards and something else I can’t remember. Either way I think the badges should just have all the colors unlocked it’s something very silly to have locked.


Being a condescending pr~ck is not really helping anyone, and honestly not a thing to do in forums.

As for the actual topic I’d like to know as well. Its already bad enough my big bad wolf badge can only be purple ;(


Gotta agree with Janitor there,Everyone knows you can unlock 1-2 sets of color on each badge by leveling characters to 40,people are curious about the colors you do not unlock by leveling characters.

Basically:Are there hidden challenges for colors?
Will they be added to log-in reward
Are there plans to sell them for silver keys?

If not then tooltip already is lie and forever will be lie about the ‘progression’ part. for 95% of colors until change comes.


Lets keep things on topic and civilised please. Don’t want to detract from the original reason for the topic. :slight_smile:


How are badge colors indicated in the level up list?

And how do you get more colors of level 40 characters?


The tooltip also says daily rewards unlocks colors. But as far as i remember all of my rewards consist of either keys or perks.

Best case scenario would be: hover over the color to see what unlocks it


If you go to the Character page in your profile you can pick any Hunter/Monster. From there scroll through their rewards list to see which badges you can unlock. They are also shaded the color you will unlock.

Progressing your Account Level and each character will unlock some badges. The Hunters currently unlock 8 badge each and the Monsters unlock 9 badges each. This is subject to change, but that’s how it’s currently working. [quote=“Alucard_Shadow, post:12, topic:96206”]

Basically:Are there hidden challenges for colors? Will they be added to log-in reward Are there plans to sell them for silver keys?

  • We don’t have hidden challenges for colors right now. We may add some later.
  • Yes, you can unlock colors via the daily log-in rewards. The new Aug card has 5 of them.
  • We do not currently have plans to sell them for silver keys, but that is subject to change.
  • We do give badge colors away via community events, for example some folks won the gray-scale color scheme of one of the new Electro Griffin badges by watching our livestream on Twitch last week! :smiley:
  • We do have other ideas in the works for unlocking badge colors. :smile: Please bear with us as we continue to make improvements.[quote=“dnc, post:14, topic:96206”]
    How are badge colors indicated in the level up list?

The colors are indicated by the little icons in the Rewards lists, we’ve tried to shade them to match the color you’ll be unlocking.


Nice information right there,thank you. Idubbbz would be happy about this too.Maybe I forgot to ask directly about ladder badges[ranked reward] at end of season for highest reached.That is probably little too elitist but still quite standard in game nowadays.Are there some plans in that part? :^)


It is very unclear, the ‘shades’ doesnt even match the unclocks colors. Also the default colors of badge is locked, i.e. the default color is grey when i want to change it the only color i can chose is purple (grey is locked!). I have unlocked 6 badges on one character yet only one color can be chosen for each of those badge…


Right now you can only unlock 1 to 2 colors per badge during this Beta time.

Yes, you’re correct that the default color scheme is locked for some of the badges. For example: Val’s heart background badge you can only unlock yellows and greens. However, as long you don’t attempt to change the color you can keep it the default color. So the heart can be yellow, green or red even though the red color pallet is still locked. We are still working on ways to unlock the rest of the colors.

Can we make badges colors easier to obtain?


Not that I’ve heard of, but passed this suggestion along. :smiley: Thank you.


Awww, that’s a shame. Looking forward to when more are unlockable though!


This is the information I needed. I feel like we should have been informed about this fron the beginning though.


i really think this is a bad system. i don’t even look at the badges i gain because i can only make them green yellow or brown. or if i have one in a nice color, it doesn’t work well with a background i want to use.

i ended up using a starting badge that has all colors unlocked.

what is the point of unlocking dozens of logos if you can’t modify them. just make the badges more rare but give them all or more colors. it feels unnecessarily grindy and completely kills it for.

i don’t even care about fancy animated badges. i just wanna create one i like with simple shapes in my own colors. i would actually pay keys for some of those colors.


I’m surprised the colors are locked. Kinda lame imo.


Why are colors locked anyway? Sorry, but this doesn´t make sense to me, making it more complicated than it has to be. The easiest solution is often the best ! - ( For a founder this should be unlocked at least)


Psssst… check out the trello board we are working on a new way to unlock badge colors now. It’s kind of hidden but it’s on the board, not saying how exactly, in case some people like surprises. :cupcake: