Badge Clues For The Next 4 Adaptations


I know everybody is excited for E Griffin, Q Caira, R Abe, and P Parnell, and I noticed something weird today while making my player badge. There are four icons and four backgrounds that weren’t there before, and one looks suspiciously like E Griffin. I made some educated guesses based on the positioning of each badge part and paired them with who I think is the most likely match.

This is what I got:

Also, the atom and motor backgrounds are totally animated!

So what are your thoughts? I hadn’t seen this discussed yet, so I thought I’d share.


The top right one screams Danzig to me.


Definitely going to be:

  • Electro Griffin
  • Quantum Caira
  • Renegade(?) Abe
  • Pyromancer Parnell

Atleast griffin and Abe were confirmed


Did they say when these are supposed to release?


In the next 2 weeks.








Patterson parnell
Why not?


Electro Griffin at least a week from now


They gave us these.


Hold up, those were in the OP.

Damn. Too lazy to delete the comment.



Why does Danzig keep coming up on this forum? Is it just because of the “Happy Hunting” trailer?

OT, P Parnell most likely stands for Pyro or something. However, it could also be Poison Parnell, Power Parnell, or the aforementioned Patterson Parnell. Or Permafrost Parnell, which would explain where Frozone’s super suit went.


I’m surprised we’re getting Parnell, Caira, and Abe before Hyde, Laz, and Bucket. A Bucket variant would be sick.


The updated bucket is super awesome though! His adaptation can wait imo. :smiley:


If Buckets new ability (Mechanized Recharge?) speeds up hunter class abilities, imagine what his variants Mechanized Recharge will do! :scream:


If that horn emblem isn’t Parnell then we will have one freaky wraith!