Badge Artwork


I wanted to create a thread to show some appreciation for how cool the badge artwork is in this game. The designs are really well done and I’ve had a lot of fun customizing mine during the early access. That being said I would love to see additional badge art in the game. Are there any TRS that can say if there are any plans to do that? Thanks.


well there are gonna be atleast 8 more badges just from the 6 hunters and 2 monsters that are slated to be released. They might even sell badge packs which I wholeheartedly support. I am all for any form of cosmetic customization being for sale.


I think the inclusion of badges and maybe skins in the companion app is interesting. Glad it is actually worthwhile and not a pile of such for those of us who are habitual completionists. :slight_smile:


Hopefully when the full game comes out, we’ll be able to share our custom badges with others!

However, I HAVE seen a couple of Devs pull out a few high-res custom badges here a couple of times, which makes me think that there’s some kind of online badge creator that they have!

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Trapjaw badge and cupcake badge…we need!


Nah, no badge creator internally (well, except for the artist who creates them, that is). Just good ol’ fashioned screenshots of the finished work!