Bad update


Please review the specifications of the Behemoth . It is too weakened . It is Kraken to weaken . And it’s a while a player is reduced to because not only this update do not even investigated properly . Mortars of first Tobarudo also is too strong . Balance is too bad at all .

  1. Behemoth is still good for me. Maybe you are not Behemothing (yes, that is now a verb) properly.

  2. They will be adjusting Kraken in a couple of weeks, this is known, although I personally don’t have a problem with Kraken. Sure, flying around like he does makes him annoying to target but it isn’t so bad.

  3. Who is the First Tobarudo, is he some two thousand year-old blind Japanese guy who will train me in the ways of the Samurai? And if not, why not? That would be awesome.
    I guess you’re talking about Torvald seeing as you said Mortars but Torvald isn’t the first anything, let alone the first Tobarudo. The prophecy states that the First Tobarudo will only reveal himself to the one who will slay… Uh… Galvatrox, the… Devourer and train him to take his place as the next great Tobarudo.
    But seriously, what is a Tobarudo?


Tobarudo ahahaha xD
We get it, people don’t like the update.
But you killed me at Tobarudo


They don’t? :open_mouth: Bu…B-But I like it!


I like it, we’re not “people” though


We are not losing almost with Behemoth until now , but this update is too tight . When Behemoth not one second later after attack only it is not possible to act in entwined stamina and it is and there is no fighting use. Other monsters also breath consent you have fixed in the same way . Please fighting with me and my team if there is a use of the Behemoth . You , of course you will know the Behemoth of current situation and I am using the Behemoth .


Sorry what? 0_o


I’m changing the category to feedback if that’s fine with you.


I am sorry I don’t really understand all of this. What are you saying about the kraken?


I think we are dealing with someone that uses google traduction