Bad Post-patch Experience


Switch to multiplayer to start playing some hunter rounds. Switch preference to anything but monster.

Join into a match. Get picked as monster… GREAT.
Pick Behemoth… Start game. Wander around realizing there’s almost no food. Continue on, find hunters tracking me, ball away, try to get more food… can’t attack… sniff and roller ball only… Must be some kind of disconnect…

Leave the game, I can’t play. Wait 1 minute for new match… finding players for 3 minutes… find all the players… SWEET. Lobby goes to start. Lobby is no longer available… WHAT?

Wait for more players… Join game in progress… Game appears glitchy, can’t see my monster, only blood animation… Hunters arrive… realize I’m stuck as a almost-no-hitpoint monster with 2 bars of armor (empty) with no abilities, that can’t jump or climb… Can only sniff, and wiggle dead bodies about.

Hunters aware of my presence but mostly ignoring me (one came and looked at me directly… I wonder what he saw?" decided to off myself (any other creature, and I woulda been eating that thing).

No respawn, had to watch other monster…

Seriously, did I just experience the EPIC double monster bug that you ninja nerfed into a monster pupa or something?

And how can my luck be this bad 3 times in a row… I even tried getting a screenshot, but it came out all black ><


Damn man. Seems like you have it bad. Best wishes


you sir are experiencing lag. I know it sucks but its to be expected on a day like this where everyone is trying the new hunters/monster.


The next match after that, the medic spawned as a trapper. So the team had 2 trappers, and no medic.

P.S. You do not get 2 domes. They function as a single dome and share CD.


Edited title because sarcasm does NOT help resolve bugs. Sorry.


If your sarcasm helps raise my entertainment higher than my attempts to play Evolve, I’m all for it :stuck_out_tongue:


I found it chuckle-worthy, don’t worry! It’s more about helping the devs find threads easily so they can fix! ;D


Looks like the game for whatever reason is now unplayable on my rig. I’m getting into matches where the hunters already killed the monster. I’m having lag spikes, rubber banding, and other problems for over a minute.

At the moment, I literally can’t play the game anymore :frowning:


the servers are so unstable

today the whole lobby lagged out 5th(!!!) times midgame


Ooh, good to know.

I was wondering if it was just my rig. I love the game, and really don’t want to throw in the “Evolve is OP” towel :frowning:


oh yeah and one more bug

we had 2 mosnter one time

one ai and an invisible monster.

we killed the ai and found the invisible one by hearing but we couldnt do dmg to him and seemed like he couldnt do any to us.

2 mins later he just suddenly died and we won


I’d gladly trade you. Since the patch, I’m unable to join a game on Xbox One. I left it searching for a match while doing my laundry and even after 20 mins it is still “searching” without finding anyone.

I’ve reset over and over but bump it. I don’t have anymore time to waste tonight even if I could find a match now.


Thats what happenned to me! I just died by a creature though.


The last three matches I was in all disconnected me after the monster got to stage
3. It didn’t even do it instantly, it like waited until I was at the winning moment, and then suddenly stalled and disconnected :rage: