Bad Performance [PS4]


Hi all.

Since the latest patch I’m having a bad time when playing solo. The game keeps freezing for a couple of seconds, several times a minute.

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Could you provide some more details? What map does this happen on? Does it happen on every map? What modes are you playing? Etc


It happened last night on Armory, and today on Baracks. On Armory it happened in the southern feeding ground area. Well, that’s what I’ve noticed.


I just started up another solo hunt game on Baracks, and I got micro and longer freezes right from the start after landing on the ground.


By the looks of it it’s getting worse, when the AI controlled monster uses abilities.


Maybe it’s because I was fighting agains Goliath. This match against Big B I had no issue.


Hm… could not reproduce the performance issue with Goliath on Baracks…


I play on ps4 as well and I’ve seen what you’re talking about when playing solo. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does… At times it will lag and drop frames so hard you’d think you were playing on a Walmart connection.


Yea, all inputs will get ignored. That’s game breaking for me when it happens.