Bad nerfing of the new hunters


The combination of the 4 new hunters deals the highest amount of damage to the monster. But now it is actually not good already after the nerfing of the damage ( 10-25% ) Sunny’s mini nuke grenade launcher is said to be the highest damage hand-held weapon , but now it is basically crap. I hope to see better patches from TRX, very unbalanced.


Well to be fair, if you are relying on Sunny to be the damage dealer of the group then you are playing the game wrong. Her main focus is using the Jetpack Boost to get other hunters out of trouble, grenade launching is her second priority (after setting out a shield drone). As long as you are working with the Assault the damage from the mini nuke is still gonna hurt.


Torvald was nerfed for 10% damage on mortars, Sunny for 25 on the Mininuke and Slim for 30. They still do plenty of damage.


Oh no, Sunny is finally doing less damage than the pure damage support, Bucket. What ever will you play now?



Oh my…Do you think we’ll actually start to rely on our Assault for DPS?! :scream:


25% actually


Torvald actually lost another ten percent on his shotgun, along with an additional quarter of a second’s reload time.

Which I think was warranted. This ought to do a lot to bring Torvald in line with the rest of the Assaults, though he might still need some tweaking due to his higher range and the fact that his damage is burst rather than sustained. Still, yes, his damage output is fine.

Meanwhile Sunny is now roughly equal to Hank for damage. Slim does substantially less, but his healing is still fine and his damage was always supplementary anyway.

So… no. The tier fours are fine. They were incredibly strong before. They may still need a few small nerfs now, in fact. This thread smacks of someone who has had their favorite pub-stomp toys taken away rather than someone who has a legitimate issue with the changes.


I don’t like them. Slim isn’t very reliable and Crow’s CC is kind of meh.


Can’t speak as to Crow, since I don’t play Trapper, but Slim seems fine to me. He heals well enough and offers enough utility to justify his inclusion, even if he does require more protection from his teammates than Caira.

On a somewhat related note, I find it sort of annoying that Caira is the gold standard by which all Medics are measured. She’s reliable, can function with minimal protection from teammates, and has basically the best healing available for the Monster-focused Hunter on the go. I don’t think she’s overpowered, but I do think she’s kind of spoiled everyone with how simple, reliable, and tanky she is.

No, Slim isn’t as reliable as Caira, but that’s because no Medic is as reliable as Caira. That’s sort of what kills Val and Lazarus’ competitive hopes, in fact. You just can’t rely on them like you can rely on that sweet, sweet grenade launcher.

I think Slim is close enough to Caira to be viable, though, even if he is a riskier pick. He’s the first Medic to really step up and say “hey, I can heal you guys up pretty damn good, too”.

…This is getting long and rambly and the clock is getting towards four in the morning, so I’m just gonna end this here and go collapse into bed. Hrfl.


I agree, the 40k I did yesterday (after patch, yesterday for me; is before I went to sleep) says that much for Torvald.


That 10% on Torvald was a badly needed adjustment. been playing him yesterday a couple of matches and pulled about 10-15k dpm against Behemoth/Goliath with Cabot…

Sunny provides passive utility, while having the undisputable best active support skill ingame. To compensate her offensive capabilities should be reasonably lower, not provide her with a skillset without any kind of drawback. So her dmg nerf was warranted.


heaven forbid assaults have to do damage :open_mouth:

Out of curiousity what don’t you like with the crow CC? I quite enjoy him, he’s not my favourite, but as an alternative trapper I find him useful enough.

I don’t play super high level but I could see where slim falls apart depending on his bug and being in shotgun range for the burst, but he doesn’t seem as bad as some people have been saying (seen lots of slim isn’t reliable posts last few days).

Just curious:)


He gives up the blanket, easy and constant application of Abe, but he only has soft CC. He has to aim like Griff’s poons, and he doesn’t get hard CC to make up for it. It is the worst of both worlds in my opinion.


hm, fair enough. Prob partially novelty but still fun to play him. I was going to write a rank of my favourite trappers then realised it all changes so often haha, depends on mood I think.


Gobi is FUN though. >.< Easily my favorite tracking method.


Try not to be. When you let others make you aggressive it makes people look at you differently. Your point won’t be taken as seriously. Just a little word of advice. :slight_smile:


When she boosts that trapper 100 meters ahead, turn around and kill the trapper.

When fighting the drone, you can kill it, get around a corner; make them follow. You can attack until it’s drained, you can keep swapping targets. You can focus low, no shielded targets with major attacks. There are so many counters…


Damn… You are OP ! :anguished:


Well, the Behemoth got pissed and trolled me after 3 games of it. -.-