Bad Mentality & Ego [Removed]


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Ohh this is not going to end well for anyone anywhere…For you, for him, for others who decide to try and discuss this, just nope.

When you call someone out specifically, no matter what bad thing they have done, it just doesn’t work out well.


I don’t have the time nor the data to watch the videos, but you should simply avoid watching bad mannered people, they are not worth it, especially if the guy is terrible.

At the moment its not that hard to be on top score if you just go full ham in the game and go zombie mode for a few days, move on to better people, don’t waste time on him, you’re actually giving him advertisement here.


I’m not surprised. Anyone who brags about being “undefeatable” or quotes W/L ratio in general is probably going to wind up arrogant and unpleasant. Willingness to learn from one’s mistakes is what separates the pros from the Joes.


He serves as an example.


This isn’t even allowed on almost any popular forum, calling people out I mean.
It’s literally nothing but headaches for everyone. Just move on, ignore the guy, boom problem solved. If other people enjoy watching arrogance and jerks, that is their business. Don’t get caught up in it, don’t try and get others caught up in it, it’s just drama pandering and it never EVER goes well.


I still find confusing why so many people give him credit and why is he playing on squirrel streams … but oh well, what do I have to do with that, right?


People reply If they want to, they aren’t force to do so just because. my point was to showcase a problematic behaviour inside the community that I wish to cease.


Since everyone is all negative about this and I don’t want to pass it as drama, I’m taking this thread down.

@SledgePainter @Alex_Versnel @Plaff request to close the thread .


Ping! And done!