Bad Medics


For the past few days I’ve been paired up with medics that don’t heal their teammates. Having this happen is very irritating and has lead to me leaving several games. My biggest issue is when someone plays Laz and then doesn’t heal their team even though everyone is almost dead. Has anyone else been getting this unfortunate or am I just very unlucky?


I’m going to say what I always do: You can’t trust randoms.


This is why I always use Health Regen in Publics…

It’s the only “Medic” you can trust.


No truer words have ever been spoken


In pubs if I see the medic choose Laz I just go pack and select health regeneration as the perk

If there is a Val that plays like COD with that rifle instead of healing, I send them a message (or pray they get monster next round)

Is bad Caira really even possible? I suppose so but i haven’t really run into one

Bad Slim’s are everywhere. They just don’t use the cloud enough

Eh, I think Bad trappers are worse because they lead to either 4 minute games or 20 minute games


I play premades/customs because MM just isn’t worth it. ^.-


You shouldn’t need to rely on health regen though. And taking health regen over other perks is very hindering. The only time I ever use health regen is with Parnell


The best words ever spoken that I know of is actually something that my friend told me once: Your team is only as good as your worst player.


Exactly… I shouldn’t have to rely on a Perk to do a Characters job but alas idiots are everywhere.


I get shit medics all the time. I had a caira that had no idea how to use acceleration field and tried to revive all the teamates with the healing grenades. she not once used her napalm and most of the timme was just miles ahead of the team.


You really can’t. What shocks me is that I would say a huge % of the randoms I play with are just really really bad at the class they get. I know level doesn’t mean anything, but really level 40 and you won’t even pull you med gun out as val into the last second.


I hate Cairas that use acceleration field to blaze ahead of their team. Then they complain when they face the monster alone and die


I have a little sympathy for a caira that tries to keep her team in the field because i find it a huge pain in the ass to know exactly when to use it so your whole team is in the field.


story time: i once had a caira who only used flame rounds, the end :cry:


Words to live by.

You simply cannot trust pugs, no matter the level/elite status.


Quoting my words I see :wink:


Story Time: I’ve had a lot of Lazarus players who never used the glove on incapped people, only dead teammates.


As a Laz player I use Reload to Heal my Team as often as possible so I can pull my Medic role. I’m probably one of the best Lazarus players I’ve seen and it’s sad because I’m usually the Monster anyway.

Still can’t believe I had a Lazarus stand in front of the relay in between the rest of the team and where we had a general idea of where the monster was and he claimed

“It didn’t matter where I stood.” as I’m telling him to back the f**k up.

We went on back and forth arguing about this between me, the idiot medic and the Monster player who said “It did not matter where he stood.”

Never before have wanted to strangle a pair of idiots so much. I’ve wanted to strangle many idiots before but to get two of them at once was unbearable.

It was okay though very quickly after I was the Monster the next game and the Salt was never so sweet.


I rarely use Laz in pubs, only if I have some level of comms with the pugs I’m with. Far too often people rush to revive even if Laz is on the team and alive.
Once, somebody had the audacity to claim I was taking too long to revive so they had to do it themselves.
He was, of course, using the YOLO approach to reviving and rushed in as Assault instantly to revive.

Oh, how I love people.


Reload Speed perk doesn’t affect class abilites.