Bad Jokes and such


You know what’s funny?
You know what’s funny about that joke?
Absolutely nothing…

We have all heard some pretty lame jokes in our lives I am sure, some pretty good knee slappers too. I want to hear them :stuck_out_tongue:

Though the best bad joke so far is… Evolve delayed 'till February! :stuck_out_tongue:


Today my boss asked me, “Why are you shouting into the air conditioning?” I told him, “I’m venting my feelings!”


People are too soft these days. The other day I was telling someone a
few Yo’ mama jokes; when suddenly I started getting called an
insensitive bastard.

That’s the last time I visit an Orphanage.


I received a strange call earlier. . .on the end of the line was the New Zealand rugby team chanting. Turned out it was a phone haka!


Joe and Bob were sitting on the curb talking, when a Limo pulls up. A man rolls down the window and says “sprechen Sice Deutsch?” Joe and Bob look at each other confused. The man then says “Hablas Espanol?” Joe scratches his head. The man asks the same thing in two other languages, then gets very flustered and drives off. Then Joe says to Bob “You know Bob, we really outta learn a couple of foreign languages!” and then Bob replies “Why? that guy knew four and it didn’t do him any good!”


Two goldfish are in a tank.

First goldfish says to the second goldfish “Do you even know how to drive this thing???”


Says the dumb man to the deaf ‘the blind man is watching us’

Two eyes walk over the street. One get’s rolled over by a truck. Ask the other ‘did you saw that?’


Two muffins were sitting in an oven.

The first muffin turns to the second and says “Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?”

The second muffins gasps and shouts “OH MY GOD, IT’S A TALKING MUFFIN!”


Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can permanently scar, brutally malign, deeply traumatize, and debilitatingly paralyze me. A modern interpretation of the old nursery rhyme. :wink:


Thousands of fans were sitting in the Evolve forum.

One fan posted “Wouldn’t it suck if Evolve was delayed like six months? Haha.”

Then it happened. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison?
You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo.



Okay close the thread, this one wins. xD


What do you call a fish without one eye?



Classic one here. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8(ate) 9.

The following is a conversation between a father and his teenage daughter.
“Hey dad? You remember when I was little how you told me that because I killed a butterfly that there would be no butter for one week?”
“Yeah honey, but that was years ago.”
“Well, do you remember how when I killed a honey bee that you said there would be no honey for a week?”
“Yes I do, but again, that was a long time ago. Why are you bringing this up? What’s your point?”
“Well, mom just killed a cockroach. Should I break the news to her?”


I have several jokes about the unemployed I want to tell, but the problem is none of them work.


Here is one maybe the Devs at TRS would like…

How many Californians does it take to screw in light bulbs? None. Californians don’t screw in light bulbs they screw in hot tubs! :stuck_out_tongue:


May be NSFW.

What does a priest and a silver medalist have in common? They both came in a little behind.



Nah i love those jokes.My favorites are the ones with babies inside.I mean its a joke calm ur tits :stuck_out_tongue:


IKR. But some are rather serious about these things.