Bad FPS on Refueling Tower


This never happened to me before but whenever I go in to the Jungle area of Refuelling Tower I get terrible lag spikes from my frames fluctuating between 10 and 60.

I thought it could be my shadow play or something unrelated but I have played with nothing running but the game and still get this problem. As I said I have never had it before and seems to always be on this one area of the map which I would have thought would happen in similar areas of other maps but simply doesn’t.

I can understand that is an area which is quite graphic intensive but doesn’t explain why I would get the problem now?
Anyone else have this problem or know of how to fix it without changing my graphic settings?


No, but because it might be my 980TI.

What are your graphics card specs?


I have a NVIDIA 970


Didn’t you know that Evolve’s performance ist the worst performance ever? Two of my friends that had really good FPS previously now have terrible FPS that makes the game unplayable. -.-
BTW: for me a BIOS - update worked to get my old FPS back but since the Gorgon- update, I have low FPS again.


Same here, I have an AMD Radeon R7 360 (which is supposed to be optimal for 1600x900 or even 1400x900 for Evolve) but regularly I get lag or FPS drops (either with or without action, changing the graphic settings to low hasn’t changed anything).

I’m actually going to try some of the suggestions in this article and hope it helps:


Evolves’s performance will MAYBE fixed in TU09. TRS said they will fix it then.


It’s funny though, but I have it more when I play as a Hunter then as a Monster.


TRS hasnt changed anything in regards to the engine. If it was previously working, its not TRS. Its something on your end.
Turning down ur AA may resolve this issue. Cause CryEngine


You’ll enjoy all the optimisations that they’ve been working on for the TU then, hopefully :slight_smile: