Bad at the game?


Anyone else feel that they may be just bad at the game in general and whatever tactics, combos, strategies they use they just seem to keep racking up the losses game after game. Am I the only one who feels like this or are there others of you out there who can just never manage to win a match?

Help would be nice if people feel generous :slight_smile:


What could you be doing wrong?


Are you playing with other people with mics? I mean you could just be getting really unlucky with teams. One person who knows what they are doing can’t save a full team if they won’t try and listen.


I have no idea, I do exactly what people suggest and nothing works for me either my screen name at this point is just an ironic joke or I just legitimately suck that bad


That is a lot of the time but when I’m a monster or with friends we/I still get stomped


I would like to give a few tips, but with out seeing you play I can’t really judge what you may be doing wrong. what level are you?


Umm I think level 27 as of yesterday you can add me if you want if that may help
Xbox One GT: Sir Lucky Hat


I am on Xbox one, and will add you next time I jump on xbox.


What do you usual play?


Added, hue.


Generally I main Caira if I’m medic which I prefer, Then Abe if Trapper, Cabot if Support and Markov if Assault and monster anything because I suck at all yes that also means wraith (somehow)


Yay Friends :slight_smile:


Hey, heeeeeeeeeeeey! I am also The Suck! Don’t let it bring you down. Every round you lose is a lesson learned. :blush:


I added you man.


Yay more friends :smiley:


I’m on Xb1 as well, as wouldn’t mind helping out if you want to add me GT: Twisted 052

My only suggestion is that you might want to stray away from trapper until you’re 100% sure you know what you’re doing. Trapper is the most vital and complex role.


oh no I thought I was a pretty decent trapper with a roughly 80% capture rate give or take (stupid warping wraiths)


Message me if you want help as Kraken. I can help with dat.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Don’t feel bad, we are all bad at something. I love COD every once in awhile but I honestly can’t kill anything unless it is pure luck. Some matches I will go with zero kills even.

I realize I don’t get the game mechanics or whatever so I just have fun trying to annoy the other team.

For this game though, if you are struggling, I would recommend playing Bucket. He is support but not really, your only responsibility is to place your sentries and cloak and rez people.

Don’t bother with the UAV or rocket launcher.

I started with him until I got comfortable enough to move onto other classes. Caira is really difficult, it takes a lot of skill to use her properly.