Backstory for hunters?


Hi everybody, i wanted to make this post so maybe TRS and 2K would make more back story for evolve, and wanted to hear what you guys thought about this. So hear me out on this idea, a EVOLVE BACK STORY BOOK/COMIC?

(by the way english is not my first language so if there is alot of mispelling or sentences that dont make sence, im sorry im doing my best to make it readable)

Ive notice that almost every time that there is a conversation in the start of a round we get a little hint about a specific hunter and what he was in the past and who is he, like in those exemple:

With slim we know that he is a basilisk hunter from gen3, but what happened to gen 2 and 1?

With torvald we know that he knew that the beast existed but didnt say nothing, and in the dialog he say ‘‘we’’ so there is more guy like him? is he in a big leader thing that see everything in the universe?

we know that markove worked with metal before becoming a hunter

Caira is a scientific that see herself like a biologist (or she is a biologist that see herself like a scientific i dont remember)

Griffin is a famous trapper with alot of famous hunt, he sometime talk about them with Hank

Hank is a miner, In a dialog with Hyde i think he say ‘‘For this weapon you need a miner liscence class 2’’ if i remember correctly

Val, she as been hunting since she is little (if i remember correctly it was a conversation with Griffin and she say that she remember when she was little it used to scare her to jump from the ship)

As you can see there is a load of possible back story for the hunter, they could maybe do a little book that would explain EVERYTHING. or just a big PDF file… but that would be boring


see the stuff that @Matthew made. its not entirely complete (yet) but its very in-depth.


Try this.


@Matthew when will any new lore come? Of existing and new hunters.





encase you didnt know this is making me really happy


No problem. I aim to please. :smile:


The 3 parts of The Sword introduced Sunny (DLC Support) before she was even revealed as a Hunter. Very cool stuff