Background of the developers


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I found this really interesting to read. I hope a few more devs could post some of their previous works up here so we can better learn about everybody’s favorite group of Turtles! And no, it’s not these guys


Man I didn’t know Chris did Marathon mods, that’s awesome!

When I first interviewed at Pandemic, after being in the tabletop business for seven years, they asked if I’d ever done any mods and I thought the answer was ‘no,’ but as we were talking about it I realized I had! I’d built several elaborate Marathon levels and used them as combat resolution in a tabletop Sci-fi RPG we were playing. Instead of saying “Ok it’s initiative” we went to the computer lab and actually shot aliens. I also did a Discs of Tron ripoff level in Marathon.


Learning experience for the devs as well lol. Really hope to see more of you guys hop on once the alpha is done


Whoa. :open_mouth: