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Yes yes, I’m complaining again, but I do it out of love. The player base is shite. Wonder why?

Great concept, bad game. Why? Bad choices, things take forever to fix (still bugs from Alpha, yo), and balance issues.

Todays list of gripes:

  • Jack- that stupid satilite needs a longer cooldown and to do less damage. I’d be lying if I said i didn’t hate Jackel. Also, FTLOG, make his damage right on PC. It still hits for pre-nerf dmg. I know it’s a “known bug”, but c’mon…

  • Sunny - something needs to be done about that booster. It’s ridiculous that the hunters are always RIGHT behind you. Mix it with Val and track-you-anywhere trapper it’s F this game I’m out. Especially vs Wraith.

  • Val - I’m glad she got a buff. She needed one. Tone it down a notch. Add a cooldown for tranqs. Maybe increase the burst heal cooldown 2 seconds.

  • Slim - I’ve never cared for Slim. He cannot keep the team alive well during a fight. Please speed up the lifedrain travel time. I think this would greatly help.

  • Hyde - The toxic grenades still do way too much damage, making Hyde far above the others (except maybe a good Lennox). The bug when running reload speed perk is still there as well - shows that it is ready when it really is not.

  • Lennox - That stupid AA is so cheesy. People stay on it most of the match because it can do so much damage. Nerf the damage and the capacity, por favor.

  • Parnell - He could use a little love. Not much, just a bit. SS feels good, weapon damage feels lacking for overall utility he provides.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

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Jack is fine. Learn to counter it, it’s insanely easy to dodge. I will kill you.

Sunny is good. A bit strong but good.

Val is finally balanced. @MidnightRoses will kill you.

Don’t even try to nerf toxic grenades. @ToiletWraith will kill you.

Lennox is fine too.

Parnell is king of DPS.

You’re complaining about mostly balanced Hunters.


Yeah, most of what you’re complaining about is fine. =/

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How often do you play Hunt as monster? (and what system are you playing on)

I only agree about Val. Rest is kinda fine :s

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I’m a Monster main. You’re very wrong on most of these accounts.

I can only agree with Val who may only need a slight nerf.

What system though?

PC. The best platform and also the hardest.

I don’t really get it then. Hyde’s nades can be spammed for best-in-class damage. Lennox’s AA hits harder-longer than anything except maybe Lightning gun (consider ranges) and Parnell in SS point-blank headshots.

Jack’s beam takes almost an entire BAR of health, and is up like every 30 seconds. Add that with val+sunny, and it’s a bad day to be a monster.

Am I crazy? How do these things not gripe you?

…Don’t go Lazarus, @SledgePainter will kill you…


Hyde also has the worst long-range weapon in the entire game and a measly 17m worth of range on his Flamethrower. Toxic Nades are fine as they are. And Lennox’s AA gun is merely reliable, nothing more, nothing less. It’s more than justified when you consider how her other 2 pieces of kit work.

I’d love to see how you’d take to playing against a good Torvald player. Or Hell, a good Parnell player. Have you seen what those are capable of?

The majority of Jack’s damage is done via the satellite, and that’s by design. It’s glaringly obvious when it’s used, and you have ample time to position yourself correctly for a dodge, or to simply destroy the marker before the satellite beams even have a chance to get close.

I think Jack’s beam falls into “you can dodge a wrench” territory. If I “move” to avoid it, I have to do so with great speed, revealing my position anyway.

Hyde may have the worst long-range of any assault, but he’s the only one (except maybe Markov) that does stacked damage. He can nade+flamethrower for intense damge.

Yeah, that’s kind of the idea, he punishes you for ignoring him. Look at Lennox and the kind of damage she’s capable of if a monster ignores her. And much like Lennox he has to get closer than 20m to do that kind of damage, at which point, turning around and giving him a quick smack to mitigate his damage output isn’t the hardest task in the world. He might pop his shield, but if you’re not ignoring him, he’s fine.

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That’s kinda Hyde’s thing though. Area of denial, you stay in that area, you deal with his damage.

The toxic grenades are area denial, don’t like them? Move.

Jack’s laser is stationary and has a cyclical movement. Don’t want to be hit? Move.

Lennox is using AA? Great, you don’t have to focus her now.

None of these are a hindrance. Move from Jack and Hyde, and an AA exclusive Lennox is great news.

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I’m not saying that Hyde’s grenades aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do (area of denial), but they do a bit too much damage IMO. Hyde isn’t one that you can simply ignore. As long as he has shields, he’s right in your face (as he should be).

Lennox is fair in the same respect - you ignore her, you pay. It’s when she just perches on a cliff for 60%+ of the match firing AA at you that I have beef with. It’s consistent, but it lasts a little too long and hits a little too hard - IMO.

Then counter them. Honestly a Hyde is not that bad unless you let him deal damage and an AA Lennox is every Monster’s dream come true.

This is coming from Silver Master.

Hyde is fine…

Don’t even… :rage:

The only argument I straight up agree with is Parnell needing a little love.
I’ve grown weary of constantly explaining why I don’t think Parnell is so high-skill/high-reward as people make him out to be, so instead I’ll just stick with my opinion until proven otherwise by some video evidence of a Parnell player doing godly damage against a Kraken or Wraith.

Hyde - I think the Toxic Grenade damage is fine, although I would like to see either the slowdown effect for the Hunters brought back or the proximity detonation removed. He doesn’t need these things anymore. Simply put, there was a time where Hyde was the most gimped Assault considering the alternatives and which Monsters were popular and which were not.
That time is now over, balance changes have been made, and I feel Hyde doesn’t need some of his given buffs anymore.

Sunny - I can agree to it being cheesy as hell, but I think it’s not as much a balance argument as a fun argument. Mind you, I’m aware of the fact Sunny can wreck Monsters with a good Val and Griffin thrown in the mix, but to me she seems more of a killjoy than an actual gamebreaker.
That’s not to say she’s fine, though. Being an anti-fun character is just as good a reason to require change. It’s why we’re gimping Slim’s Spore Clouds next patch, isn’t it?

And while I do think there’s a little more truth behind your arguments than most of the replies you’ve gotten so far make it out to be, the only one I completely, 100% disagree with is Lennox.
Lennox is one of these characters that seems really strong against one Monster and is a trainwreck against another. Of course her Autocannon deals good damage. Have you ever tried keeping the Plasma Lance stacked long enough to do any notable damage against Monsters relying on Charge, Banshee Mines, Aftershock, Vortex, Warp Blast, Lava Bomb or Fissure? All these moves often “just happen to hit Lennox” and it can be really hard to deliver a higher DPS with the Plasma Lance at such a point, even against a distracted Monster.