Back after god knows how long


Currently downloading this game again cause I miss it. I’m on console so I know for a fact this never got Stage 2. Is it still fun? Or do I cancel the installation?


It’s the same game as it was last time, thanks to 2K. If you found it fun then, you’ll probably find it fun now.


Depending on your internet lemme just say good luck finding a game where there isn’t a monster player migrating around bullying the randy people who are somehow just getting into the game or just playing with a friend who told them bout it just now.

Either way takes a bit of time to find a game regardless and unless you’re playing monster or got a full team, good luck beating a elder kraken cuz that’s all most people will play as it’s existence is an exploit becaause the devs over buffed him and left it like that sadly. So I hope you got friends that you’re just playing with for fun, else TRY to with everyone literally playing Ekraken.


Ranked was frustrating (as monster), and quick play was all defender. Doesn’t sound promising


Oh My God! It’s Bee Bee! :scream:

Welcome back. :slight_smile:


Mountain! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here haha. Currently I can’t find a damn game, I had one but had to change my button layout. Feelsbadman


Me too. I want to come back and I love the game. But I’m limited to X1 and it’s dead. Also from the looks of it Evolve S2 is far away from consoles


2K stopped development for Evolve so Stage 2 isn’t coming to consoles unfortunately


Well that’s certainly nice :c.


Yea, TRS really wanted to do more with Stage 2 and especially bring it to consoles but it’s 2K’s decision in the end.

Doesn’t seem like you’ve heard about it so here’s the thread so you can read it:


Oh hey another person I don’t know


ranked is not frustrating as a monster… ^.^


What’s your platform?


Steam… its on my records that i beat gold teams… (or at least one)

im also feel that evolve itch… (the sadness of it leaving just well time to take a break…) (about 3 months with one play in nov)


yeah i havent been this disappointed in a games demise since chromehounds for the 360. was a great mech game, and there isnt too many anymore and armored core is too japanese mecha based.


Maybe try Hawken?


Ive tried it. But while it isnt bad, Iit just doesnt quite scratch that itch. I like the mech customization. Thats something chromehounds had alot of. If they brought out a game for xbox like mechwarrior for pc i would love to try it.