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Emet. The rest is unnecessary.


Ten buck says Emet is gonna be a vending machine.

Every use of a Emet vending machine is like playing the slot machines, if you get a low grade item he malfunctions and curses up a storm and sparks fly, if you get a good roll he still curses but he cheers with you and gives you one or more good items while stuttering.

Bucket is the GPS AI lol

Hyde is technical support in the apocalypse lol please hold.

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No. Emet will be actually me.

Hey, that’s not bad idea! @Goldie if you will end up creating another Emet for the game, I’d like to help to write his lines. I had and still have some rather juicy ideas. Several people that know me will testify that I’m the best man for the job. :sunglasses:


That’s what this topic is here for, let the idea’s flow.

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Oi. You wot mate? My man Hyde is the fueling station guy. He will burn everything alive.


Lol your right my apologies, of course he is.

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What I loved about Evolved besides the characters awesome and diverse personalities, was how many levels of height there were in a map. I think roof tops, sewers all the rooms in most buildings should be useable. Of course jetpacks helped with the the whole dismissing fall damage.

Maybe everytime you jump off a building or a ledge you automatically attach a line or rope that allows you to continue to fall forward or to swing back underneath the ledge you jumped off of to give you that little bit of extra mobility that everyone loves.

Kinda like rainbow six siege has but a little faster and smoother, less thought more action.

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Totally serious I’m in complete agreement in it. I can imagine the first encounter with the gas man being you see a horde of zombies surrounding the heavily
barricaded building. You are about to approach, then one of your men see a puddle slowly spreading out from the horde… but it hasnt rained in months… then you see a laughing manic on the roof top with a bar b q a grill cursing at the masses with a unlit cigar and a charred still burning shrimp. He lights his cigar with the shrimps and let’s the shrimp fly down to the soaked pile of zombies.

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I hope there are funny ways you can accidently kill yourself in game. Watching characters fall off high ledges into water or slamming onto rock leaving your character completely mangled never gets old.


I can agree with that, comedy makes great games. But do yo remember the feeling yo got when you walked off a ledge in left 4 dead just walking next to it too close.

T_T I do it hunts my dreams

I just had a great idea… have a amusement park that is an exact copy of Disney world but have it based off of horror movies in the same style that fits the attractions. Call it Dismal World! It can be it’s own huge map.

Can anyone think of horror/suspense movies that WB was involved with that would fit the themes?

Eme-t could be the name!
EmeS (because you know, they are a mess. )

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So does everyone think the world will be
A) Colorful more cartoon like
B) Cold Rigid like Evolve
C) Generic Sci-fi landscapes?

If they go multiverse then I want a world of sweets ^.^

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I hope it’s styled like evolve was, that was a cool art style.

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Too much text. Not enough cupcakes.

That would be like copying Fortnite Save The World, so I don’t think so.


Maybe not for the original campaign, but I wouldn’t mind a DLC side-campaign that happens in space.

Like Blood Dragon DLC was for Far Cry 3. Something the devs can go crazy with and doesn’t have to follow any set of rules, but also isn’t tied to the main story/campaign.


Whaaaaaat if…

Its a cold rigid cartoon sci-fi landscape?


I mentioned a while back about how I’m sad there isn’t a true Star Wars horror game.

So perhaps pitch the game to The Mouse and make it themed around Project Blackwing aka the star wars zombie virus? :stuck_out_tongue:

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