Back 4 Blood suggestions


We should bring on the hype for B4B as much as I’m a fan for Evolve, I’m just as much of a huge fan for Left 4 Dead. If the Devs can make it half the game the L4D was then I know this B4B will rock the gaming community.

PvP, definitely will have PvE involved, but I think there should be more involved with that, player vs environment too, buildings falling over opening new paths for zombies to come at you or enemy players to have line of site on you. The world shouldnt be a static it’s been 5 years after the infection, it should be like 2 months after the spread, gas lines are on fire, people npc humans are running around barricading off paths randomly, and screaming leading hordes across the wastes. Powerlines are destructible weapons that turn streets into mazes of impassable paths of charred remains. Animals are feral and dont trust any human because of their interactions with the infected, and hunger for non-tainted meat. Gun fire is a beacon for a bad time to start even though ammo is readily available. Vehicles can be used but its safer to craft your own makeshift electric over road capable go carts for the size advantage. With high enough skills in a specific crafting tree you can disarm or even craft up traps, the higher the level the more power and louder traps you can craft. Your always capable of attempting to craft above your level, but you have the chance of having it back fire on you. And drawing unwanted attention. Zombies should be pack oriented, dumb alone but have a purpose when moving in groups.



Needs cupcakes.



Global warming should be amped up to almost a comical level. Flash freezing should turn rapid rivers into frozen jagged pathways. Rain storms in should rain down shards of dagger shard ice, coating bleeding zombies in armor of razor wire like bloody ice coats making their grapples harder to resist, and their infection easier to spread just by a slice of ice. Blistering heat should bloat and fry zombies in their own fluids, some erupting into volcanos of infected meat that crows and vultures swarm over. Creating shadowy swarms of death, like dark clouds of parana in the sky looking for victims, and fresh prey.

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Well if its sc-fi they better have something that doesnt belong at all, like if there are going to be any bars… they should always just be an olde west saloon lol

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I totally agree! Also I can get behind cupcakes, food crafting for endurance buffs, or poison cupcakes for traps would be a nice touch for a PvP setup in a restaurant… “The cake is a lie!” Written on a crafted note under the plate of cupcakes, only noticed after the plate despawns, and opponents are rolling around on the ground uncontrollably groaning in pain loudly drawing in zombies from the upper balconies to drop down.

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Big fucking monsters and a custom mode where we can play as enemies. Now, I’m not saying what we’re supposed to do with that, BUT…



You know what I can get behind that, anything to bring some of that evolve gameplay back into the spotlight.

Aww now I’m getting my Hope’s up, a zombie that mutates in stages getting more and more awesome, and gaining strange plague spewing/erupting abilities. While a group of survivors hunts abomination/tries to survive the attacks while trying to complete a set of objectives to escape. The best of both worlds of evolve and left 4 dead all in one. Oh please make this happen

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You and a small team are a part of a group of survivors trying to fight back against the plague and spread the cure that has been discovered in a CDC lab, though the first few months have been going smoothly there have been rumors of strange undead behemoths in the areas the cure have been administered. Your team has been dispatched to gain samples and bring back survivors who have had the cure injections.

The town is quiet, even zombie activity seems down. The known hot zones have been massacred, and cleared, but no bullet shells or bodies litter the area, infected blood glazes the the floors, and a wall as collapsed inwards. The team cant make anything out of the grim scene except someone has done their work for them. There is a trail of coagulated blood dragged out of the house and into the river. Puzzled the team moves on, towards the first safe house on their objective list. The safe house is empty, fresh blood staining a broken window the glass laying on the ground outside, someone got outside in a hurry. Just then your team hear a thud, coming from the closet the weapon specialist prepares to breach the door. Out falls one of the survivors with the applied cure, he rambles in a nonsensical dialect and will no cooperative. He reaches for the medical officer’s hand gun, but is knock out before he can do any harm to himself or others. The medic notice a rash on his arms and neck and attempts to treat the skin deformity and report back to HQ. You mission is to continue with the survivor to the next safe house, told treat the current survivor as a high risk package and keep him tranquilize out for the teams safety as their own. In the street gunfire echoes, blasting away without a care for whatever hears it, your team goes to investigate. Three survivors are ontop a church bell tower there is horde swarming below failing at climbing up them. After 30 meters of running they can see the survivors are shooting directly across from themselves, and a moment later, a thick mass of flesh slams down ontop of the tower. One survivor getting slammed down against the side of the tower, while the other two fall down towards the piles of zombies below. After killing and peeling the flesh of the man’s bones the large behemoth rolls off the building down to the ground and begins to gorge itself on zombie and human alike, indiscriminately feasting and growing adding to it’s own mass. In shock the team watched in aw, from the cover of some parked cars. The mass of flesh begain convulsing and changing before their eyes, with quick thinking they put the unconscious survivor in the backseat of a truck and began to plan to deal with the beast. They set up explosives in the buildings foundations on both sides of a narrow alleyway set up near trap along the floor all the way up to their fire position at the end of the alley way and set up claymore chest high half way down to stun it into place for the collapse. The tech sgt was on watch, he couldnt believe his eyes and didnt expect anyone to understand what he was about to report even though he saw it with his own eyes. The thing grew two more arms, and started drooling a caustic liquid that melted half a car he was hunched over durring its change. Worse of all it got the scent of something, fearing the worse the tech sgt grabbed the unconscious survivor and came down the alley being cautious not to set off or step into any traps. But a large moving dark shadow loomed over head, and a cracking followed the sgt shouted “Incoming!” The beast slamming its fists on each side of the buildings walls to move towards them from the roof top howled in the tech set’s direction in a rage. The sgt made it half way down the alley and ran right into the building a took cover under the staircase by the far wall just before detonating the explosives that took down the walls of the alleyway. The beast spirals down with the debris, it contorted and crumpled into a spongy mass onto the rubble. The dust still lingered in the air, and the weapon specialist let loose an onslaught of ammunition, bits of flesh flinging off of the mass, then it exploded into motion rolling towards the team both of its arm on one side of its body getting caught into a bear trap, the other two arms tearing and beating against the rubble and then itself. Until one arm ripped away, getting the creature one step closer to the team. “Its time to move! Let roll” the tech sgt ran out the back of the building with the survivor and they began to move towards the next safe house. They could hear the sound of ripping flesh and cracking of bone bounce off the walls of the alleys as they ran.

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The cure works on some people, turns others Into monstrous zombies that feed on all bio mass, and other poor souls who’s unfortunate reaction is to become a beacon to the creature and if absorbed a buff allowing further mutations and greater size. Your job as a survivor is to protect and escort the victims of the bad reactions of “The Cure”, to find a way to reverse the effects and save the human race from this new plague.



Oh what if it was a Special Zombie that hunted down others. The more it devours the more unique it becomes.

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If they don’t sneak in a cupcake easter egg, I may be slightly disappointed.



Yes npc zombies hordes being enemies for the players and fuel for mutations for the super zombie. Im Definitely down for that game play.

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Right! gives it a certain vibe. Oh course is a massive OP zombie that grew so powerful.

it attacks you wearing a superman cape with a cupcake as an emblem… lol
@SledgePainter we have your next art project ^>^



Not terrifying enough…make a huge zombie goldfish capable of swallowing a player whole if they fall in the water and now we’re getting somewhere…like if the Tyrant from Evolve was a goldfish, I don’t even know how I’d handle that.



So if a super zombie ate the combination to become a goldfish zombie, hmmm you could put a fishbowl on a scooter and having it attack from the top rim ^.^

you could have other zombies tossing in other zombies to feed it too lol



Ok here’s a game play idea. 10 tactical members of a CDC Special OPs team VS a 10 man Group of Survivors. As players die they become zombies when they spawn, if they eat a player controlled human they mutate because those humans have been treated with a special drug. They can eat zombies too but humans with the drug mutates them faster. There can only be one big zombie on the map but there can be multiple other fast zombies. All of which buff up the big zombie if eaten, or buff up the players if they obtain a sample when killing them. The big zombie can be shot down or force to break itself down into a smaller form or our right killed with enough firepower or a good enough trap, allowing other player controlled zombies the opportunity to become the behemoth. Objective of them game is to gain control of the pick up site across the map, and have one member of the enemy team alive for extraction.



Also I’m just throwing my vote in for this ahead of time. There needs to be a Scooby and the gang dlc. WB is involved you can’t tell me it would be that hard to pull off.

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Hmm, but is Warner Interactive have access to that content themselves?

Personally, I would love to see characters from evolve kinda have cameos… a squad from evolve would be fun ^.^

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Yea Hank, Parnel, Grifin, Caira all just poping out of a portal and their packs malfunctioning or something.



You know the one of the left 4 dead teams are totally going to make an appearance.