(Back 4 Blood + Left 4 Dead 1/2) Will using a keychattering fix software get me VAC-banned?


I have owned 2 keyboards with MX-speed switches with key-chattering, and my solution to this was to use this software:


It’s a keychattering fix software that deletes repeated keychattered keys automatically.

If I use it in L4D1 and 2, or the future B4B game, will this lead to a VAC ban?



As far as I am aware, only cheat engines/injectors will trigger a VAC Ban. You should be fine with your keychatter fix.

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What is key chatter?



When multiple key inputs get registered in one key press.



So like macros?



I mean, yes but also no?
Say if I pressed the letter “E”. It might come out as ee or eeeeee or something like that. Macros are generally when you bind a group of keys (or a single one) to another button which will issue the command. I could have a macro that would write:
All from one keypress, it’s not the same as key chatter though.



Isn’t that the same thing as a script tho? (Not that I know if scripts/macros are allowed, just for information)

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I never used script/macros or key chatter so this is all new for me.

Although I do think macros in a competitive setting are a no-no, so I guess Key chatter would be too for PvP?



It really depends. I’ll take some PvP experience I have with Elite Dangerous.

I use a macro/small script bound to a combination of keys, and I use them to quickly type basic messages. Things like “shutdown your engines”, “state your buisiness”, “next time, fill your hold with gold”, that kind of jazz. That’s perfectly fine, a lot of people do that.

On the other hand, I could use the same macro to automate the process of popping a shieldcell. I could press one button, and the macro/script would automatically put 4 pips to shields, pop chaff,pop a shield cell, pop a heatsink, wait a bit, and pop a second shield cell. All with a single button press. That is a problem, and as such that’s a no-go

In the concept of B4B/L4D, macro’s should be fine for quick messages, but are a no-go to automate certain processes/actions



Unpopular(?) opinion: It should be up to devs to put measures in place that ensure actions to not be able to be chained using scripts/macros/etc faster than a reasonable person could do so… and then we should stop fretting about scripts because they actually serve a great accessibility purpose.



Even though Elite Dangerous has PvP, it doesn’t have a competitive setting so I feel like it’s fine. It’s unfair for sure, but then again it’s more of an open world environment where the option to flee is just as viable as to fight.

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Not really. Key chatter is a physical defect.



This strikes me as creating a high risk of bugs where we fail to perfectly predict how fast a person can perform key/button presses. Whether we decide to ignore the “too-fast” inputs, or queue them up and play them out over time, the game would be seen as unresponsive.

Some people can train themselves to punch in inputs with near superhuman speed. I’d hate to punish the player for being awesome.

I acknowledge that doing nothing to prevent scripts/macros isn’t great either. Just thinking out loud here.



Absolutely, I didn’t want to give the impression that it was a simple task, but I think that it is becoming quite common place now to put hard mechanical limits on how fast anyone could do something specific. For example things like weapon switching now tend to across all games have a deployment time, and it feels that all came from quick switch scripts from back in the counter strike days.

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