Back 4 Blood Ideas

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned what I’m about to say, so apologies in advanced for any of the suggestions I make being already said on these lovely forums. I would really like to see some evolve characteristics being implemented into this zombie type game. If you can mix the good of evolve into a left 4 dead style game that would be highly successful. I’ll just start dropping Ideas instead of writing an essay, lol (BTW some of my ideas are not evolve related).

  • Group effort of enemy special zombie damage to survivors (or some idea) gives special zombies mutation points to evolve certain characteristics or/and abilities for the class you are.

  • When the “Tank” arrives. Allow the player selected to choose a variety of “Tanks” (Lets just call them “big zombies”). Each big zombie will be able to have different abilities that favor different scenarios. It would probably be a good idea to let players opt out of becoming said “big zombie” and let players that opt in have a quick pick option available.

(My detailed idea might be bad for this one so I’ll just be as basic as possible).

  • Allow survivors to upgrade “x (perks, abilities, life, dmg, etc.)” for doing “x” or killing “x”

  • Have multiple pathways in each scenario that reach to the desired goal for the survivors. The survivors stop in certain zones, to choose a pathway as a team, which they feel is the best or more fun. This would make each scenario less linear, and give more replay-ability.

  • Level system and badge system for players that play their favorite character / Unlock-able skins like in evolve.

  • Ability for the zombies to work as a team to place horde locations and “witch” and “Tank” locations" on the map before the game starts. (possibly could backfire as a bad idea, but more control of these kind of things could create a lot of replay-ability)

I will list more ideas as I think of them… perhaps see more edits from me lol.

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