Babadook amazing horror movie!


I wanted to recommend this horror movie called the Babadook! I am not sure if there are any horror fans on this forum, but I love them and this may be one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. I don’t want to give away anything about the movie. The less you know going into it the better!



looks nice didn’t hear about this film until now. Thx for sharing could be as good as unborn



I’m glad you liked it … I personally thought it was a huge disappointment. I didn’t think it was scary at all.



It fell into the same old loopholes that ruin other horror movies. The main characters were extremely unlikeable, the first 30 minutes of it could have been cut down to about 10 (because basically nothing happened), and one of the ‘scary’ moments in the movie actually made me and my friend burst out laughing.
(spoilers: It’s the bit where you actually see it over her bed)
Not to mention the name ‘Babadook’ is ridiculous and I spent half the movie singing ‘Baba dook dook dook, push pineapple shake a tree’ in my head…

But that’s just my inner critic coming out. It was actually really enjoyable apart from those (fairly minor) points, and a lot better than a lot of other horror movies out there.
Would recommend to any horror fans out there.



I really liked it. I love horror movies, and this was just refreshing good pacing doesn’t give to much away. I mean acting is not something I even bring up in horror movies, since I mean its almost never that good. I just can’t think of any horror movie that compares to this, since most anymore are just bad.

@noahotoole what didn’t you like? I mean I think it was great mainly because of pacing, but what are some movies you find scary? Most new horror stink now so its hard to find a good one. I wouldn’t say this movie scared me, but really no horror movie scares me I have just seen to many. I did find this had it’s creepy moments, which almost no horror even does that for me.



Going into the movie, I heard bad things and didn’t really expect much. After watching it, I could understand the poor reviews, nothing about it really wowed me. However, it’s only after the film where I did some research and found out that there is a much deeper meaning to the film, with a lot of metaphors and unexplained hints dropped in along the way, so it’s actually pretty smart even though many people find it unenjoyable



Really all I heard about this film was amazing things. which is unheard of from a horror movie! Almost all horror movies get bad reviews, but this one has amazing reviews I mean Rotten Tomatoes it has a 98%. I mean the last time I heard this great of things from a horror movies was paranormal activity, which was okay but not great.



Here is a review from screen rant that I found pretty spot on.



What I love about this movie is that it’s a huge metaphor SPOILER = The Babadook was her depression, past, and dark thoughts( blaming her son for her husband’s death) it kept hunting her and at the end, the message is that we can’t erase our past, but we can learn to live with it, that’s why at the end, she kept the monster in the basement.



Yeah I was saying that to my girlfriend that it was her depression when we watched it last night. Glad that is what it was, because that was just my guess. I really loved this film most horror movies today don’t have this good of pacing. They didn’t say a lot about the Babadook, but they give just enough to make you think. I can’t think of any horror movie I liked this much since I am not even sure.

On a side note have you seen It follows? That is another movie I have heard great things about. I haven’t seen it since it didn’t come to any theater close to me.



Yes, I really want to see that movie, I heard it’s pretty awesome, lots of tension, suspense and the music is pretty nice too. I hope it has a very good story and acting like Babadook.

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Yeah I was going to drive to a theater that had it, but my girlfriend doesn’t love scary movies so I couldn’t get her to go. I mean the Babadook scared her almost to death I had to keep asking if she wanted me to turn it off. I will for sure rent It follows when it comes out to DVD.



For me it was just too slow paced actually. I didn’t find the Babadook scary (his name is downright comical). The Babadook nursery rhyme was disturbing, but other wise it was just boring and cliche (the book always coming back, the proverbial “boogie man in the closet”, etc.)

I’d recommend Housebound as a recent horror movie I liked (it was a comedy/horror hybrid). Pontypool is probably my favorite horror movie. Deadgirl (2008), 6 Souls, and Session 9 are a handful of horror movies I’ve found good.



Yeah guess its not for everyone! I liked Pontypool it was pretty good, and Housebound was okay. I liked deadgirl. I will have to look up 6 souls I haven’t seen that one.



I personally thought it was overrated. Thought the Conjuring and first Insidious were much scarier.

Also, Babadook is really easy to make fun of, lol



Yeah to each there own you know. I think conjuring is okay, but I hated Insidious that is one everyone told me was good, and no horror movie scares me anymore, but I didn’t even find that one creepy. but on the name babadook I think it was supposed to be kind of a funny name, since it supposed to be a nursery rhyme.