B4B NEEDS mod support!


Yes, I made an account just to post this.

I’ve been super hyped hearing the news, as I adore coop zombie shooters (WWZ looks like it’s gonna be hype). Reading the FAQ, it seems like TRS is ready to make a splash with Back 4 Blood, but while it’s still in a conceptual phase, I can’t overstate it more: This game needs mods to have staying appeal. This is virtually L4D3, and the only reason L4D2 has been as popular as it has for so long is because of a steady stream of new maps, skins, characters, weapons, sounds, gamemodes, campaigns, the list goes on. I’d hate to see this game fall into obscurity, especially in the current gaming market. Mods have single-handedly carried the likes of Valve and Bethesda, TRS would do well to include modding support!




I like the way you think, @SirKeksalot.


And I like the way you think, @Rapterror.


I absolutely support this. L4D2 wouldn’t last a decade if there wasn’t all for the content from modding community.