Azmi's weird New Years Dream about rave-fest and straddling a cannon


A took a nap on New Years Eve (slept through the fireworks and the countdown) and had the most surprisingly fun dream. I woke up and suddenly the whole town was turned into one big rave-fest.

There were so many trashy white men dancing on top of white pick up trucks in tiny little red briefs as we sang the hot day of to Cher while I was straddling a canon in front of a thousand park-rangers and fake Batmans.
In that cannon we shot out Caira by the truck loads afterwards we ate broccoli pudding.




Where do you live?


That’s…nice? :laughing:


0___0 well, I think I have had weirder dreams :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you must tell us more, you do realise that don’t you?


Malaysia, its a very backwards conservative nation.[quote=“Buckets_Sentry_Gun, post:5, topic:79858”]
0___0 well, I think I have had weirder dreams :stuck_out_tongue:

I have weirder ones that even I dare not to share. But do share yours.


I’m from Wisconsin, I fully except stereotypes about the frozen tundra and cheese :smile:


Well, I did mentioned in a thread about nightmares that I had one where an alien was cutting me in half with a chainsaw! xD

But I remember I had an Evolve related dream. Apparently, I was Daisy, I remember that I was sniffing the ground and receiving orders from the hunters, who, coincidentally were MidnightRoses and TheMountainThatRoars, they were very grumpy >_>

So, we found the monster, but it wasn’t an Evolve monster, it was like a giant iguana and it killed everyone super fast. Then I ran into a cave, where I found some family members hiding and they told me to shut up. So I did, but we could hear the monster getting closer and when it finally found us… BANG! I WAKE UP :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I hope that Mountain and Rose don’t see this post >_<


You hope @TheMountainThatRoars and @MidnightRoses never see this post? I’m sure it will take a while. :wink:

That was a pretty weird dream. I’m glad I waited. :smile:



Don’t judge me guys! >_<


Sorry. Couldn’t resist. :smile:

To be fair, when someone plays evolve for a while that seems quite normal(ish).


I’m telling!!! @moiser look at what azmi did!!!


I have Evolve dreams all the time, Kraken seems to be the one I dream about the most.[quote=“reactiveisland5, post:13, topic:79858, full:true”]
I’m telling!!! @moiser look at what azmi did!!!

Don’t bring Moiser into this, I just want to make one post where it doesn’t have to be about Caira.


I am so confused…


That doesn’t come as a shock. :laughing:

I’ve never had an evolve dream. I thought I would have by now, but apparently not.



That made me laugh too much. I’m in tears. :joy:


Well… that’s a dream. o.o

I don’t remember most of my dreams, but most I do have revolve around dragons. Most weird dreams I have after I’ve eaten apples or something. :,D


That… sounds… awesome. Hopefully cool dreams rather than nightmares.