Azmi's back! Kala-K is Kim-K incognito? dun dun dun


PC is now gaming ready! And playing only the best game ever!

My computer is gone, it got pissed by a cat about two years ago. could never getget the residual cat piss out completely and it has been eating away at the VGA and other pin slots.

Will need to get a new motherboard and video card for it, probably will need to get a new body for it even.
Was a customer build, costs about over 2k to put together and a few thousand on maintenance over the years, had a good run and was fun. :cry:

Moral of the story DON’T PUT YOUR COMPUTERS WHERE PETS CAN WRECK HAVOC ON IT, also make sure the ventilation can’t get any spillage or piss in it, also wiring guards are great if you have chewy pets or a rat problem.

#Ask Azmi Anything

Stuck with a phone and a tablet for now, I’m bored af.
Ask me anything you like guys on any topic - as long as its within the community guidelines - for any reason.

Also thanks to @MaddCow for hosting that wonderful game last night, I had a blast. I’ll be looking forward to being able to play with you again someday.

edit: also I just found out some prick(s) stole my dads truck battery. like the dafuq… :angry:


Where did your interest with miley cyrus come from? Adn why did you associate it with Gorgonzola?

Funniest Forum Moments!

Why, in hell, did you ever change your Profile Picture from Chibi Jack? That one was the bestestest.

Have you recovered from your 10Shredder00 trauma? Or is that still going on?

What’s it like being completely infamous on the Evolve Forums?



I get this one a lot :laughing: I should put an explanation in my profile for it by now.

It started off when we were first shown a teaser reveal of tier five, and on that trailer Gordon had a very interesting form when shes sneakino.

and when she was roaring it looked like she was waggling her tongue around… also her right hand is disproportionate to her left hand giving it the appearance like she has a foam finger on her right hand.

(I can’t use an actual picture of Miley Cyrus with a foam finger because its TOO NSFW, so here’s a guys in a t-shirt instead)

Before this I gave very little about Twerking or Miley Cyrus for that matter, as I had just barely grown out of her Disney days. So yeah, it was Gorgon that made me interested in tweaking and Miley Cyrus, not the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:


I see. You learn something new everyday.

Also, maybe do a thread for a AMA for all the forum members? Like, tag people who you’d like to ask a question, and if they don’t want to participate, put their name in a list in the OP?

ASK EACH OTHER ANYTHING : Community bonding

Hold on, let me see if I can find it buried in the Evolve Anon thread… :joy:


I loved Jack in a manner that was extremely inappropriate, so it was in everyone’s best interest that I would just forget about him. And that is the story on how I started hating on OP Jack. :slightly_smiling:

also Gorgon was put, and I started obsessing over her instead, thanks to the hype @10shredder00 brought up to me. So really you should thank Cupcake for making me love Miley… mmmm I mean Gorgon so much.

What term of events are you speaking of? Me Cupcake had a lot of drama in the past?

I hate it, I was just discussing this with TW and a few guys last night.

About how when I post or discuss more important and positive things people would give two shits or blow out of context, but if I made one comment on Miley or made a sexy reference suddenly the whole forum knows like its the end of the world.

So yeah… that’s that…


Great idea… I’ll start one now,


Back in November. It was pretty funny from a third party’ perspective.

Can’t find the original response but here’s Azmi’s first reply:


Damn, I missed that. Seems Shredder really hates Slim :joy:


Lol oh that one… we’ll need to ask him if he has ever forgiven me for that.


@LordDerp @SedoUmbra I hate Slim but I’ve buried it.

@Azmi_Anuar :rage:


How’s your day been?


Mayo or miracle whip?


What’s the point of hating Slim so much and getting so angry over fighting him, did he insult your family and call you a nerd :stuck_out_tongue:


You should ask this on the community bonding thread, he’ll be more than happy to answer anything there.


PC is now gaming ready! And playing only the best game ever!

@MaddCow @toiletwraith @10shredder00 you guys up for some laggy shredding later after the Kala-K stream?


######I see what you did there.
######And yes I am.


If you don’t call her Kala-K in reference to Kardashians, sure. Maybe.