Axel Cloud Necron


Congratulations, hope everything gets sorted out with these early concerns!


Diaper bag


Why is there a skull on a diaper bag?


Uh… Cause the smell can kill you?



It’s related to One Piece.

The skull shown is the Jolly Roger associated with Luffy (the main protagonist, also shown on the bag) and his crew (aka The Strawhats).

Also chibi Luffy, very cute.


Nursery is getting there. Still planning on doing usopp, chopper, Sanji, Robin, and Franky. Thought Brooke would be pushing it.

These were made using it lets you take an image and blow it up over several pages. I took those and I glued them onto cardboard and cut around the character. Used tiny nails to pin them to the sheetrock.

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You’re child is going to be a weeb before it even understands the word weeb :stuck_out_tongue:


Got the rest of the characters done. Now for a thousand sunny toybox for my next future project.


More baby, less big head anime. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not both?


Babies aren’t cooler than anime.


He’s playing medic today.


Just saw this, that should be “are” not “aren’t”.

Babies are way cooler than anime.


I just want to say, your baby looks beautiful. Hope he is a big sleeper (rather than a noisy sirene :stuck_out_tongue: )


Sleep and snuggles is his bread and butter.



:point_right: Yeah you are. :point_right:


Praise The Son!! :wink:


Praise it! :sunny:


I see he is already establishing his manly dominance…