Awful matchmaking


Before I complain about anything, I want to go ahead and say that I love the gameplay to death even though hunts involve a lot of obnoxious chasing/running, but the matchmaking is one of the worst I’ve seen in such a popular high budget, highly anticipated release. My very first game was perfect. I was matched up with a full team who communicated and everything went pretty well. It was fun. After that everything went to crap. I can’t get a full team ever and sometimes I can’t even get a team at all, it just throws me in with a lot of bots. Out of all of the people who play this game you seriously can’t match me up with a full team?

If that’s not bad enough you penalize me for leaving a game before it even begins. Yeah, I need to be punished for leaving my full team of bots, those poor guys won’t be able to win with the poorly skilled bot that replaces me. I guess that’ll show me. I clearly need to respect the team of non humans as to not ruin their game. There’s no telling how long it will take them to find another bot to replace me /sarcasm. Anyway, it really does piss me off I mean if I wanted to play with 4 other bots then I would choose solo play. This is ridiculous and from what I’ve read this seems to have been an issue since alpha that was well known and was expected to be fixed well before release. This kind of thing is unacceptable, you’ve had plenty of time to fix this issue yet you haven’t and people are getting fed up with not being able to play with other people and leaving.

I fear if it takes them too long to fix it then the majority of the playerbase will leave and they definitely WILL leave. Not all of them, but most and then I’ll be stuck with fewer people to play with. For anyone who wants to argue with me about whether or not people will leave you only need to look at previous titles that waited to fix their issues. Titanfall, MAG, etc… Massively diminished playerbase in the first 2-3 months. I just want to play with other people. I’m not here for attention like most of the others who come here to rant and rage, I’m actually pretty calm. I want the devs to hear my voice, so to speak, and help fix this issue. While there are others doing it for me, every voice counts.


matchmaking and bugs are the real problem of evolve, not OPed BS and all, but technical infrastructure of things. bugs, borken animation, uneven walking speed of goliath etc. and this most messed up match making system i’ve ever seen in my life.

I probably wouldn’t care if this lvl of poorly built system in an indie game, but I can’t believe a game as excellent as evolve have such disaster of a matchmaking, after lvl 25 I always end up in a game that is half way finished, 10 out of 10 games no exception, but what piss me off the most is this communist approach to lvl gap matching with no option to turn it off so I can’t even play with friends with huge lvl gaps,. just who came up with this one of the kind stupid communist apporch?? “blah! even status to everyone and happiness for all!!” this is exactly what shouldn’t happen in a competitive multilayer game, and be competitive is the only propose in this game, plus soivet Russia already proved communism doesn’t work.