Awesome newegg customer service


really made my day (: !


The real hero here is Batman, Thanks Batman! You got this man a free game :+1:

######plot twist: The customer service guy is batman


That’s some nice customer service for sure.

Origin support is on point, too.

“here’s the answer to your question, also we threw in a 40% off coupon for anything because why not?”

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Once again, Newegg is awesome.

Yeah, they will usually give you the free game if you bought the graphics card close to when the promotion happened.
I got them to send me Assassin’s Creed Black Flag after I had ordered a GTX660 from them.
And they also price matched the card to a cheaper amount by giving me store credit for it.
Newegg is the best <3

I got 2 copies of Black Flag when I ordered a computer from Digital Storm, came with the video card.