Awesome idea for future hunters!

Hey guys,

I have a brilliant idea for a future support or medic hunter. Just imagine the hunter could throw and strain ZIP LINES. The maximum amount of this “ropes” would be obviously 5. Hunters could grab or just throw a grip over the zip line and slide to a distant position!!! You would cover a lot of distance in no time. In addititon you would be able to shoot with your pistol (the pistol you use when you re incapacitated) while sliding down the zip line. I know it could be complicated to create but I would love to see this in evolve! :smiley:
@MacMan what do you think of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ??

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would imagine it works like it’s shown in the pictures!

My friend just had another brilliant idea!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Just imagine the trapper could have STEEL CABLES. He could strain them between rocks and trees and if the monster walks into them they make a shriek, a sharp noise.
Afterwards the monster would be marked for 15 seconds OR instead of the birds in the circle you would see a volume sign that shows where sound was coming from. It would work like a mix of Griffins sensors and Abes tracking darts.


Nice idea. Could also be short range teleporters or trip wires. Would add some ways for hunters to get around the arena. From high rock to high rock just to run and make the monster annoyed :stuck_out_tongue:.

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haha yeah teleports would be nice but that could be unfair for the monster as the hunters teleport around the entire map :wink:

holy crap! I just thought of the same thing a hour ago! And yes I agree! This would be a really cool means of traversal!

There is a teleport already in the game - its a map effect from Wraith Trap map. =]

yeah theres teleport thingy but this is ziplinesz!!! ZIPLINES MANG!!! :smiley:

yeah but the teleport would be under control so u could decide where the team spawns :smiley:

Maybe the trip wire would cause the monster to bleed causing very VERY small DOT while having the birds follow the monster? The Zipline is an awesome idea two although it would definitely need some balancing to keep trappers from keeping tabs on the montser at all times and always having them in a dome.

Cool idea. I don’t know how it would work, but it sounds fun.