Awesome comback?!


So I joined a game that was in progress I took control of a stage 1 behemoth with half health inside the thunder dome. I downed the trapper and evolved all the way up until stage 3 with them on my tail. The final battle was anticlimactic I still had all my armor even with the squishy behemoth.



Haha I also try to fight at stage one too it’s kinda easy if you know what to do. :wink:


Lol I once joined 10 minutes into the game as a Stage 1 Kraken with no armor and and a half full evolve meter while in a dome fighting hunters on Fusion Plant. I outlasted the dome then ran. Got Stage 2 and got caught after my Evolve. I think I got a strike on trapper then got health regen from Tyrant went Stage 3 and ended up winning. The timer for 3min appeared when I hit Stage 3.


Man that must have been fun. I like it when I’m put into those situations.


Lol yeah it’s so thrilling to know that if you win it counts and it’s comforting that if you lose it doesn’t count so there’s this whole “Let me go all out” mentality I get.


Yesss plus they won’t trash talk you. When you win it would be like you out did them even with a disadvantage


Lol exactly and you take their confidence and wipe the floor with them.


I have joined as Goliath with only 1 bar health, and Cabot using damage amp on me. I hit charge and, by chance, got the trapper. Dome goes down, run off to find health re-gen just around the conner rotting away, eat just enough to get perk, made it to stage 3 and won haha. The team must have been a little confused as even I expected a definite loss haha.


My personal best is joining a game as a Goliath, fresh out of the dome, at Stage One with NO evolve meter against a premade running Caira Cabot Maggie Markov BEFORE the 1.3 nerfs. A tiny bit of health left.

Stage Two slaughter.


Got thrown in as kraken in the opening feeding scene and instead of getting a head start the hunters dropped in on me right away and domed me… So come out with like 2 bars of health left and run for my life trying to feed and create space, finally evolve with some hope, put three points in lightenign strike but then it took away my previous moves so stage two only had lightening strike… finally hit stage three same thing lets me put in 3 points but takes away all previous ability selections but ended up winning barely at the end using my wizard balls air melee and the godly lightening bolt lol so stressful…


Dang that must have stressful. I couldn’t think of being in that position


I know we’re talking Monsters and mid-game but I recently did a Hunter win 1v1 with the Monster after possibly everything went wrong.

Here’s the topic with the link to video in it.


I have been in that same situation. Still showing the beginning animation and the hunters are already up in my biz!

Makes for a fun/stressful battle.


I had a nest game where I spawned in as a stage one kraken and I saw 5/6 eggs were destroyed and the hunters were destroying the last egg and I was going to quit to avoid a pointless loss (before path) but I noticed I had a minion Goliath (reward from last game) at half health and I took the chance and spawned in. I immediately evolved and got a small amount of armor before the hunters found me. To my surprise all of the hunters had two strikes and it was a relatively easy battle from there. It thought it was a definite loss but it turned out to be an easy win :smile:


How the hell did I forget I recorded this…