Awards and Mastery Updates Block Hunters Health Circle


As a medic I am constantly glancing down to the bottom left of my screen to check on my teams health, as the health bars are always moving and the circle is always stationery. Every time I get an award or a mastery update it blocks that circle. It is really starting to bug me more and more.

Is it at all possible to change the location of the awards and mastery updates?

Or maybe have an option to toggle them on or off. Preferably a separate option for each one as I would prefer to leave the mastery updates on as they are infrequent.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. - I love this game and appreciate the time and effort you all have put in to this game, it’s DLC, and this forum.


I have reported the same thing during the beta, I believe they said back then that they would change this but it’s indeed still the same.

It doesn’t help how often you get awards, the health bars aren’t visible half of the time.


I know right, so many awards. I learned to deal with with it during the alpha and beta but it seems even worse with Slim. The amount of heal burst awards added with spore cloud and leech gun awards have have it covered so much. And with your focus always on the monster you don’t get a chance to look around at hunters to see if anyone’s being neglected and/or may need a healing drone.


I have exactly the same problem. It is annoying.


Yes, I used to slip up because of this too. Then I learned to always do a 360 and check all my team mates’ health bars individually. It has paid off.

It’ll be cumbersome the first few times but you’ll start learning and it’ll kick in like clockwork.


I know what you’re saying. I’ve been playing since the Big Alpha and I have learned to how to deal with it, but read my second post (Post 3). I mention that specifically with Slim you don’t have the time to look around as you should be focusing on the monster.

You get lots of awards while playing as him that cover up the circle. You get an award every single time you heal burst, which means the circle is always covered during battle.


This definitely needs to be addressed, especially after the most recent patch reduced the requirements for many awards, I feel I get one every15-20 seconds, which is annoying when trying to play medic or support.


Definitely needs to be addressed. I feel I should tag someone to look into this. @MacMan if you look into this or pass it onto the right person I would be grateful.