Aw WTF, I preorder but behemoth is still locked?


Aw wtf I preorder and enter the monster expansion pack code the day I got this ( feb 10th)

And now behemoth is still locked? How can I fix this


What platform are you on?


Xbox one…


Can’t tell you then, I got it, but I’m also on PC.


Wow this is literally a game killer for me >.>

I waited day by day for this to drop and finally the day it does it’s doesn’t unlock even tho It should have… Wow I’m at a loss of words here :cry:


I’d give him to you if I could, I don’t want to play the Behemoth.

I played him once since the patch, don’t want to touch him since.


you realize he’s the weakest playable entity yet available in Evolve


I don’t care how weak or whatever

I just want to play him and the fact I should have him but don’t is very annoying


I was confused at first as well, but it’s a simple fix. If you put the code in for your pre-order bonuses when you got the game, then you’re fine. Go to the Evolve Store in-game, and go to Behemoth. It’ll say he costs $14.99. Ignore this, and select it to purchase. You should get a message saying “You already own this. Would you like to install it now?” or something along those lines. Obviously, click yes, and you’re good to go.


you have to download it manually, go to the store find behemoth and install. that’s if you already put the code in, same for the hunters.


Quit Evolve / Press menu / Manage Game / Scroll all the way to the right past any dlc you already purchased / install Behemoth.



the dlc is haviving problems in xbox 1


What mountain said :slight_smile: